What was the best bit of ARRCADE conFUSION?

Discussion in 'Multinational HQ' started by Outstanding, Nov 15, 2008.

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  1. The begining - middle - end?
    The accomodation?
    The food?
    Paddy Ashdown?
    The road to JHQ?
    Our Multinatuional colleagues?
    Too few briefings?
  2. Mine was deploying to Battipaglia in 2003. I flew down Club Class from Duss to Naples via Munich while the peons came down on the train. Got there 2 days before them and had a trem time mooching around. Went to Salerno War Cemetary for the 50th anniversary of the landings for Remembrance.

    As for this year ? Fcuk knows as I have been out for a while, but if it involved getting wet and p1ssed off on Sennelager, then that God I am out....
  3. Sennelager is now very smart except they closed The Red Shield last year cos of PAYD
  4. Every one I did it was the beginning setting up 'yet again inside hangers in an old cold war storage Depot whos name escapes me' before all the Ruperts and office wallahs turned up, usually two weeks later.

    Having to stay on site 24/7 while the sigs and staff went home at night and weekends 'such hardship for them'

    Playing NBC in full kit while the staff officers cut about in tropics commenting 'oh I bet you are hot in that kit'

    7 Sigs CO being the lovely chap he was going around testing responses to different problems asking what would happen if he switched off one of my generators 'expecting the stock we have a back up one etc instead getting the I would punch you for sabotaging my kit 'well it was a test' and seeing the RSM crease up behind him while steam came from the ADJ/2ic'
  5. Depot 90?

    The Exercise gets more confusing every year :roll:
  6. Do not know if it still open but was where 14 Topo and Rhine Area Wksp was based 'grrrrrs at self since I spent 6 years in ARRC'

    We used to use the hangers ARRC's vehicles and kit were stored in

    Out of JHQ turn right up to main road turn left down abit and on right 'nice cookhouse with decent fodder'
  7. 14 Geo Sqn are in Ayrshire Bks, RAW are in Elmpt Station.
  8. Ayrshire Brks is the one

    I left ARRC in 2000 though and the area has had a few changes since then with units in and out.
  9. Best was the banning of the "Daily Upstart" for allegedly insulting some one who wasn't offended after all but the powers that be felt that they ought to be offended on her behalf. Then discovering most people have emailed a copy to each other so there it was for all too see. Food was pretty good, Naafi in the evening was alright, Warsteiner at 80 cents a bottle got my vote. But as for tents on a bloody sodden car park and no flooring, thanks for that I just love being damp for 10 days when there was no need. How many Cylumes does NATO have cos most of them were used in lighting every curve step and sticking out bit.
  10. Food still nice and recently renamed "Toasties" to make the food taste even more appealing.

    14 Geo and loggies at TFSU (not too sure what it stands for) share Ayrshire.
  11. I did one in 2000, told to report to 1 div as a comms det
    'dont pack to much you will just be manning a net by day and monging it by night' from the Regt 2i/c
    had just returned from poland a day before.

    go to Herford, climb out of rover

    ' was told not to bring it as not required for the job'- Me
    'Nightmare for ya- you are deploying as DSG step-up, suggest you get some exercise kit sorted eh' slightly less irateSSM

    turned out to be a bit of a laugh att to sigs

    wouldnt do it again though
  12. Theatre Fleet Support Unit