What was stolen from you that you really resented losing?

Discussion in 'The Lamp and Sandbag II - The Tall Story Strikes B' started by angular, Feb 9, 2009.

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  1. And no, I don't want to hear the story about you, the Colour Sergeant, the armoury and your virginity.

    I got really irritated when some Officer Cadet (curse you all, 6/7PWRR) stole my Pl comd orders cards. Nice, wipe clean, matching set, one to send back with the runner, one to keep for when I forgot what I was going to do, or decided to 'improve' the plan.

    On the back were a couple of nice photos of women who really would have caught their death if they'd gone outside dressed like that. Kept me warm in a quiet harbour more than once. I still miss them :oops:
  2. I used to keep my late brother's Ka-Bar knife in my office at our warehouse. A couple years ago, some scumbags broke in and stole it (among other things).

    I hope the fcuker falls on it and slowly, painfully bleeds to death.
  3. In mil terms, my woollen, early pattern Jersey, Mans, Heavy Wool. Bastard had my Norwegian too. They weren't on issue back then. Fcuker stole it from the Guardroom when I was on stag would you believe. Sennybridge, 1990ish. Some fcuker from a Welsh Regiment, forget which one.
  4. Early eighties and I had a small, green sleeping bag, with some sort of insulation material on the inside. About half the size of the then issued, useless, great thing. A RM friend of mine had brought a couple back from the US. No idea what make they were but superb value on exercise. Anyway, I was with HQ 19 Bde on Ex Lion Sun and I got called out of my tent (remember Bloodhound Camp) to see the OC about something. Came back and it was gone.

    Should have known better. Lost loads of stuff since then but that still irks me.
  5. old_fat_and_hairy

    old_fat_and_hairy LE Book Reviewer Reviews Editor

    My innocence, in 1962. Can I have it back please, Corporal Birch? (virginity went a bit earlier, but to a woman).

    My best friend, to an AK47 bullet in 1967.
  6. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    Tour photos from West Belfast in 83, I had my suspicions about the only chap in the lines at the time they went diffy from my album which was confirmed later. I was invited to snitch on a mate, a Jnco of great character over who had done the Naafi snooker table in (definetly a jnco) and said Provo Sgt had my pics on his wall. Yes it was the same tea leafing scumbag. He was also boning the Ack adj so I didnt like him one bit!
    I was happy to deny all knowledge of who was in the JRs bar that night esp any Jncos. Rog, I know it wasnt you and anyway the wackner ended up doing time (PS) for something else anyway. There is a god!
  7. JINGO

    JINGO War Hero Book Reviewer

    My issue folding pocket knife had it most of my career, on a lanyard in my right pocket,razor sharp used it for everything. Already had it stolen once and found it in the Int WOs parka pocket.Then some scumbag had it from my bunk T**t!
    Winds me up to this day.
  8. My C/Sgt stole my virginity in the armoury ... :twisted:
  9. I nicked a pair of the posh and girlie soft pilots boots and then some b*stard nicked them off me, I know who did it and one day I'll get my revenge...
  10. My youth!!!
  11. .Sven, Were they size 9's ?? :twisted:
  12. Back at school some knob stole my toy Robocop car. It had one of the lights missing on the top that allowed me to identify it. The cheeky basteward that nicked it even brought it in a few days later, he denied it outright and none of the teachers believed me!! It still hurts to this day *sob*
  13. BiscuitsAB

    BiscuitsAB LE Moderator

    My chainsaw some little scrote broke into the shed, good nes he got captured bad news he'd already thrown the damm thing into th elocal ressi. which is about 30-40 deep.
  14. when i decided to get minging a few years back when i lived in the block which led to my auto pilot taking me to my bed without locking my door.

    some ninja sneaked through my room (4 man room to myself, pimped out) and took my xbox, dvd's, projector and assortment of games.

    little *******.. i miss my projector....
  15. Two things:

    My webbing - all of it and everything in it whilst on ex in Germany in 1985 (it was hanging on the penthouse at the back of the panzer). It was thieving pikey gunner from 3 RHA and never got it back. A f*cking forthnight with only half the kit a needed. B*stard.

    A leather writing folder (and it was an expensive one) given to me by my an aunt an uncle when I joined up in he 70's - mobile phones hadn't been invented and there was only one telephone in the NAAFI so everyone wrote home (my uncle knew this from his time in, hence the gift). I knew who had it but never got it back. I had my revenge though. If the t*at who nicked it is reading this, I rimmed your toothbrush and p*ssed in your tea.