What was my military discharge category

I left the army in 2007 after waiting 3 months for a phase 2 training course to start after being laid up with a nice little injury! (I understand I was a stupid kid and have regretted my decision everyday since)
I'm a bit older and wiser now and really looking into going back in and making a career from being in the military. But the application is asking for my discharge category and I have no Idea what in the hell that was.
i was in for 7 months and had a completely clean record throughout no back squadding no problems at all until my leg break.

It isn't listed anywhere on my certificate or record of service.
Who do I call to find this information out or could someone please tell me?
The three main ones are

QR 1975PARA 9.381 defect in enlistment procedure
QR 1975PARA 9.414 Services no longer required
QR1975PARA 9.291 DAOR

I would say your DAOR as you left before Phase 1 training and will be a Re-enlister

Simples. walk into the local recruiting office and ask. They will be able to access your record and advise accordingly.
No we won't.
i had completed my phase one and was part way through phase 2 when i was taken off the course due to injury. does that make any difference or will it remain fhe same?
You will still be a Re Enlister as Rejoiners are those who past phase 2 and in the field force.....your QR will be on your discharge paperwork if you haven,t got it only you can get it from MCM Div . However you would probably find your one of the above and all will depend on what you or they used to get rid of you....if it was due to medical reasons attributed to injuries prior or during or if you got cold feet and decided it wasn't for you.....there are numerous other ones but that would be speculating so if unsure ask MCM Div

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