What was IFCS called on Challenger 1?

Discussion in 'RAC' started by StumpyHussar, Jul 23, 2011.

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  1. Can't remember for the life of me. When did it become Improved fire control system anyway? When we took our Chieftain Mk 5s down to the yank sector in Berlin in 1980 they thought it was white mans magic, what was it called then?
  2. Just plain TLS if i remember correctly
  3. The conversion to IFCS took place in 82 ISTR. ON CR1 the system was called TOGS!
  4. Been 20 years since I was on Chieftain, but IFCS (Improved Fire Control System), and TOGS (Thermal Observation and Gunnery Sight) were 2 separate systems, although they worked in harmony, were they not?
  5. On CR1 It was called CSS, Computerised Sighting System, not bad for a Signals Instructor Eh. TOGS came later and we didnt even have TOGS on the first CR1. IFCS was in its very infancy is 1980, i did one of the very first conversion conversion courses from TLS to IFCS in 1980 - ish at Catterick. I didn't think it went to Berlin until much later but i wasn't in Berlin so cant be sure.
  6. Once you look at the Google god IFCS beceomes Intergrated Fire Control System, didn't become IIFCS until Challenger first I was Improved. Never forget the first one delivered it was parked on the square opposite the guardroom in Lumsden Bks surrounded by barbed wire. Only Con sigs were cleared to guard the ******* thing how I hated it.
  7. Was definitely Improved Fire Control system and CR1 was CSS. Dont you just love that t'interweb thing. Must have been a D&M instructor commenting on something........................ I also hated that one on the square, covered with a huge tarpaulin so that it looked just like a CR1 covered with a huge tarpaulin, with a tracked rapier parked alongside so the RA could take advantage of us being too stupid to park the damn thing in a hangar out of sight. I also remember that on a very good day it could take just under all day to get the damn thing started as long as you had a Ferret handy to slave start it!
  8. IFCS - Improved Fire Control System. System in service 1978 with the B&S laser sight. Mods carried out during 78/79 with much improved computer and software upgrades. On board trainer added in 79. Accepted as by PE to be retrofitted to Chieftain Mk 5s +.
    This initial version was the base line unit for C1 prototypes. Sadly what happened next I am unaware as my services were required elsewhere.......they never let you finish the job......but i did see TOGs mounted and a guy from QOH was sorting that out.
  9. Stumpy and Crimson - I had to guard the bloody thing too !! (I know that I know you two, but can't work out how to discover who you are !!)

    Unless my memory has faded even more than I thought I think that I signed (as Tp Sgt) for the first three issued.

    Remember that god awful slog to the docks and back to collect them ?

    10a is a misnomer - I was actually 42a (I think!!)
  10. 42A would have put us in the same Sqn then. I was 44B Ldr......................
  11. I think you are being to kind to the system, they worked sometimes but never as I recall in HARMONY!

    But then I only had Stillbrew CH, unfortunate name for an upgrade that took more power of an already overworked engine.

    Being still and then brewed was going to be our lot if the pesky ruckies ever had come.

    Now all you Crimson lot, who shot my Brother in Law with the Schurmulie?????????
  12. Interesting that you mention Stillbrew. we had better results on Stillbrew Chieftain at castlemartin than we did with CR1 on Hohne. Because the TISH was mounted on the left of the turret there was less of a sight offset and this resulted in a more accurate weapon system (again, not bad for a Signals Instructor).

    Now, ask not who shot your brother in law with a Schurmulie but why they shot him with a Schurmulie. He who fires the Schurmulie first kinda deserves all he gets! Unfortunately he wasnt quite as good a shot as some of the other commanders with more Schurmulie direct fire experience. (I wonder if he ever told you that part of the story)?
  13. Agreed on Stillbrew for gunnery, sadly nothing could change the god awful reliability, still it would have been the best tank in the world .. if had broken down in a GOOD FIRE POSITION, OLD ONES AS EVER ARE THE BEST.

    As to the other bit PM sent but yes I pretty much know the whole story from both sides, damn good shot, whoever it was found his brain!!!!!
  14. Bear with me crimsonhussar, somewhere in the darkness of my mind a light is flickering on ! (Also frantically going through my old sqn and tp photos to try to jog the memory)!