What was he trying to do

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by jonwilly, Jun 4, 2006.

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  1. Yesterday The Bangkok Post of all papers asked a very serious question
    'What was the guy who made the first set of Bagpipes actually trying to do, at the time ?'
    This baffled the admittedly mature guys in The Pub last night.
    If anyone really knows please tell and I will send to editor of said newspaper.
  2. Create a device for one Whore to fit 7 more blokes in per bl0w j0b.
  3. Blatantly trying to make an instrument that could be played in battle and be 100% guranteed to pi$$ off the English. It worked. It's still working
  4. Surely that'd just infuriate the English into a blood-rage and spur them into tearing the Scotts apart?

    A more logical thing to do would have been to invent the electric keyboard and play some of Joy Division's greatest hits, to instill in the English such a sense of sorrow and emptyness that they all become beatnics and give up battle, and instead contemplate the very nature of the universe.

    People talk about Troy or when Hannibal done over the Romans (before the table's were turned of course) as the greatest tactics in military history, but they've obviously never heared 'Love will tear us apart'.
  5. Crabby your not suggesting that The Doodlesack (Kraut) was a Jock invention ?
  6. Wasn't it a device for attracting wild Haggis (Haggises, Haggi)?

    Thus making it similar in intent, but distressingly polar in fashion, to a silent dog whistle.
  7. Ah the Wild Haggis, now we may be getting sumwhere, but why oh why do folk think it was of Jockanese Origin ? means ta say there are far more ta be found in Yankee Doodal Dandyland then North of the Border.
  8. Aside from the topic Jonwilly. You have some cracking discussions in your local. Have you thought of setting it up as a franchise?
  9. Old Lads, lot of expireance, the Booze flows result Interlectual discusion.
  10. don't we just know & LOVE that fact :boogie: :boogie: :boogie: :boogie:
  11. Gents even we old nakers worked out that the Bagpipe had been around before the Jocks where enameled.
    We are talking ancient history,
    So what was he doing.
  12. Lets face it the only reason the bagpipes are still around is to keep scottish tourism still alive. Got a mate who made well over £1000 in one day playing just down from the royal mile.
  13. I bet the bagpipe (or doedelzak in Dutch) was a Dutch invention.
    After all we invented lots of things that annoyed the world until this day :p

    taking cover for the upcoming barrage of anti-Dutch remarks
  14. He was obviously blowing a pig (or some other farm yard animal) and realised it made noises out of its orifices, skinned it, dressed it in tartan and patented it.

    (Crabby - I didn't realise you were a porridge wog - talk dirty to me :wink: )
  15. Bit offtopic, but Jonwilly where about's in Chiang Mai are you? I went to Thailand for 2 months last november, travelled around the whole of Thailand, its an amazing place, I loved Chiang Mai. I tried to walk all the way up to Wat Doi Suthep, didnt realise how far it was!