What was an AKI? (Slang for AIPT)

Discussion in 'AGC, RAPTC and SASC' started by Mike_2817, Apr 8, 2006.

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  1. Can any one please tell me why a PTI, all arms not APTC, was referred to as an AKI, when I did the course it was called Assistant Instructor Physical Training (AIPT), now I am informed that is PTI Class 3.

    It would be nice to know.
  2. "Ack-I" = "Assistant Instructor"?
  3. ACI = Assistant Coaching Instructor.
  4. No, really!! Is that supposed to clarify the situation?

    And why are they called egg banjoes?

    Why are blokes called Wilson always called Tug?

    Who was Basher Bates?
  5. Ack I is an assistant Instructor in the same way that an Ack Adj is an assistant Adjutant. Way back when... before any of us joined (First world war) Ack was the Phonetic Alphabet for A. That's also where Ack Ack for AA guns comes from. Its the same Phonetic alphabet that had Toc for T, hence Toc H instead of TH.

    The whole alpahbet went:-

    Ack Beer Charlie Don Edward Freddy George Harry Ink Johnnie King London Monkey Nuts Orange Pip Queen Robert Sugar Toc Uncle Vic William X-ray Yorker Zebra
  6. Comme on PP I thought everyone knew that.....egg banjos are so called because after taking a bite and the egg drips down the front of you you automatically move the sandwich out of the way whilst you try to remove the dribbled egg with the other hand .....thus adopting the banjo players position....try it banjo in left hand strum chest with the right.
  7. PP, sir i salute you....everyday, is indeed a school-day.

    i too had oft pondered the AckI riddle, but was too ashamed to ask!
  8. PP that is awesome! Monkey Nuts Monkey Nuts
  9. Er, OK...(slightly diverging from the original thread)...so why is it Toc H and not Toc Harry (Talbot House)?