What was ADP Specialists?

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by polar, Aug 18, 2006.

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  1. A bloke at work says he used to be one, he mentioned many who failed YofS went to this trade (his words not mine).

    Was this the an early name for IS Eng?

  2. Yes, I believe so, my troop staffy at 14 was an ADP spec, think he used to be an operator of some description. I believe it was open to Sgts and above at the time (1990)
  3. Spookily I was talking about ADP Spec at lunch.

    Yes it was the first attempt in the IT/IS management. The first ones that I (and one of my lunch mates) can remember started appearing in about 97-98ish.

    I seem to remember they were mostly RTGs and Sys Ops but that could be b :oops: lls.
  4. Earlier than that, I think - I distinctly recall at least a couple around at 15 Sigs in '94 of thereabouts, including a very impressive female WO2, who took no shoite from anyone, including the then G/RSM, whom many around here will remember as well.
  5. Indeed I do. She's a good lass. I knew her at 16 Sigs amongst others. I don't know if OPSEC applies to former members, but the boss of SCN in Blandford was the trail blazer for ADP Specs.
  6. Earliest I remember was 1996 for sure was 1996.

    The trade later became IS Op, then IS Eng with most of the ADP Spec job being taken on by the supervisor post of that trade.
  7. Don't forget the many failed FofS as well!

    ADP sounds like such an archaic term now. Mind you, these days there are even more abbreviations and acronyms like IS, CIS, ICS and ICT. Let's not get into a discussion about the difference

    Kudos for that female ADP WO2 in '94. Good role model for female sprogs.
  8. The fella of who I spoke was a WOII YofS, and became a ADP Spec in 92 latest. I also did an ADP suitablilty test on my T1 in 86 too, so the powers that be were considering it then. I came top out of the whole of T Troop !!!!!
  9. If you're ever considering going IS Engr....DON'T! The employability of IS Engrs is forever decreasing unless you're happy working with outdated IS/IT equipment. The IS involvement in BOWMAN is also non-existent unless you're happy doing an App Specs course which I am led to believe involves learning how to use Open Office et al. Not good at all and very frustrating especially if you've got networking experience and courses under your belt which are going to waste.
  10. I predict some incoming.... 8O
  11. Goodfella, you and I are in serious danger of falling out.

    It all depends what unit you serve in, doesn't it? I think you probably have a fair point referring to working in an Armd Bde Sig Sqn. It goes with the territory, I'm afraid. The plain fact of the matter is that your career choices have a knock-on effect, some postings are better than others and all those factors need to be considered in your long-term career plan. OK Germany has lots of cheap beer, tax-free cars etc etc, but unless you're in 16 Sigs CIS Tp, you ain't going to be working with decent kit. How can you seriously suggest that people shouldn't go IS Engr, based on your Sqn's lack of equipment and the fact that Bowman is a disaster.

    Where I work we have some pretty crap kit too, but on the other hand we get the chance to play with emerging technology (at least in Army terms) as well. You seem to be spreading a pretty bitter message, I suspect that it's partly due to the Corps failing to single you out for superhero status and promote you instantly to SOinC. I personally think you're miles off the pace and you need to tone down the self-important whingeing and start being proactive in looking for a suitable posting where you can flex your Stephen Hawking-like egghead skills. You need to accept where you are in your career, mate, then work it out from there.

    Guys out there, pse ignore Goodfella's whingeing post. I still think that IS Engr is an outstanding trade for the sheer scope of jobs out there and the chance for good guys to shine. Paradoxically, that unwieldy scope of employment brings its own problems but there we go. Perhaps the trade group "realignment" (my wording!) might solve things, perhaps not. I admit that there are units where you should avoid like the plague but hey what's new. I suggest annotating your posting preference to request that you "work with PoisonDwarf"...after all, if it was too much hard work then I wouldn't be there would I?!!! :D

    PD 8)
  12. Sorry, guys, I just have to repeat that quote from Goodfella. It's a bloody classic!

    Have you ever visited the planet Earth? :p The CEQ has been expanding rapidly and constantly to meet a (admittedly fuzzy) requirement.

    Notwithstanding the merge with techs, these lads and lasses will be acting as "MSPs" (military service providers) for DII/F which is going to be huge. They will be as vital to Falcon as they are to Cormorant. I suspect we will also have an increasing requirement for E2 app spec posts - not just Bowman. Honestly I could go on for ages. Infact, everyone knows that already (chronic verbal diahorrhea) so I'll shut up. :roll:

    Come on IS people, all those who think Goodfella's right then feel free to shoot me down in flames.

    (p.s. Goodfella, nice piece of work. These threads have been getting far too dullsville)

  13. Ha ha..... Bollocks...!!

    In those days you were as technically astute as Dave (the cardboard box) and Atko.....


    I'll call you tomorrow...... or maybe from AFG on Tuesday
  14. Goodfella, i'm with PD on this one.

    I'm currently working with IS Engrs who are using the most up to date equipment in defence. They are required to maintain that equipment, deploy it effectively often where the training received isnt up to scratch and they have to formulate their processes and procedures to keep the services they provide available to customer.

    You may be in a job that isnt at the sharp end of Defence IS, but that doesnt give you cause to discourage potential future IS Engrs by labeling the job as wnak. Its far from it, the career over time is varied and ever changing.

    If your less than satisified with your lot in life, your more than aware of the routes available to you. Do something about it, engineer a posting somewhere more suitable but for christ sake try and be onside, bleating about your experience not being recognised isnt relevant.
  15. Do they still use Wavell at places like 101 ? ;-)