What warm kit for BATUS?

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by shut_cint, Sep 6, 2012.

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  1. On exercise in BAt arse between sept and november should i take my dual liner or MTFU and take softie jacklet only???

    Bit gay i know, but i have only done the hot months so not sure how cold it can get
  2. Take it all.
  3. It's toasty that time of year, T-shirts and sorts should do the trick.
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  4. Dewliner all the way!

    (See yer there)
  5. FFS its nothing to do with MTFU. Was -34 when I was there in Nov 10.
  6. Agree with vampireuk, take every piece of warm kit you own.

    The last time I went there was in Sep 2000 and the weather, initially, was redders, A week later we were en masse at the PX buying fleece liners for our sleeping bags.

    Canada is shite.
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  7. Cheers guys was expecting some incoming, I know it does get very cold but was unsure if its worth loosing bergan soace for dual liner.
  8. Get a spare compression sack and lob it in that! Tie it to your bergan if you have to!
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  9. Done a MM7 in 1989.

    It was ******* freezing. Because it was back in the day all I had was a parka, japsuit, and a 58 sleeping bag that was thin from all the feathers that had escaped in the dhobi.

    Fast forward a few years and I've now been to Canada 8 times.

    Pack more cold weather gear than you think you will need!
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  10. I think "Arctic" is the word to keep in mind.
  11. I live here now (having done MM4 & the Pond Jumps) and today the weather is 22 degrees staying that way until the w/e. That said, we also had snow in May this year. The weather could be quite balmy when you arrive, but by the end of October it will be fcuking freezing, especially if you're out on the Prairie. Pack everything.
    With regard to MTFU - always an option, but it may cost you your balls to frostbite :)
  12. Softie jacket, Buffalo mitts, Deputy Dawg hat, t-shirts, shorts.

    In fact, yeah, just take everything.
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  13. IIRC it snowed in Aug '93.

    Sluggie's right, take everything you may possibly need. MM1 '94 I used everything from two layers of fleece over/under combats to tshirt and shorts.
  14. And gaiters.

    <<Shudders>> I lived in the block with the chicks just opposite the Mess, but worked* in Mud City. When it rains, it rains.

    *I use that term loosely, most of the time I was trying to blag helicopter flights or play Solitaire.
  15. MrBane

    MrBane LE Moderator Reviewer Reviews Editor

    I strongly suggest you take a look at this page and some of the gear on it:

    Clothing | Kit Reviews

    Look at the stuff from Armadillo Merino and if you're feeling brave and sexy, the stuff from Nordic Life.

    They're expensive, but they are the mutts nutts and will keep you warm and comfortable throughout as well as being durable and wicking enough to actually work in.

    I highly recommend investing a bit of wonga into some serious base layers - apart from anything else, they'll last you as these are quality products. :)
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