What war?

I've just been listening to the 9 O Clock news on radio 2 and I know why a lot of civvies don't know about the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.
It's all in your fevered imaginations if not why would the news be about Papparazzi chasing Prince William,Identity theft,some American runner testing positive for drugs and Lewis Hamilton being in pole position in China.
If there was a war the BBC wou8ld tell us about it so there must not be one , stands to reason. It's like the moon landings , one big con.
Your so right.

I've been trying to tell people this for years. There is actually no such place as Afghanistan. The russians took it back to Moscow with them in the late 80's and just left a big hole in the floor.

It'd be nice to see more news along the lines of

"British success in Helmand involved slotting a load of Taliban and doing a load of nice things for the locals."

Sadly we only make the news if one of us gets it or fcuks up. The Press are cnuts!
I wasn't even aware that we'd taken any casualties this week untill after a few hours of pointless drivel and speculation on the election and Briney Spears kid being taken off her. What does the B stand for in BBC? Shocking state of affairs, and for the brief report on the lack of support for the Forces last week I've yet to hear a BBC commentator wish the troops on Ops well, would that prevent them being impartial, lord knows we wouldn't want them being bias against the Taleban! How about we relocate Broadcasting house to the Tora Bora mountains and let the Taleban look after them for a while, let see how long they stay impartial then.

By the way, anyone heard any more on the suggestions made last week that the Army was going to up its public profile by allowing uniforms to be worn in public? Any views on that?
Fair play, though. I've noticed an dramatic upsurge on forces-related material on the two main terrestrial channels lately.

'Commando: Frontline', various bits on the Covenant, features from AFG. Trouble is, large sections of the population don't watch 'em. Short of setting Eastenders in the East End of Sangin, I'm not sure there's much broadcasters can do about it. You can lead a horse to water, and all that.
Traditionally BBC stood for Buggers Broadcasting Communism, but times change, as does the enemy's name.
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