What war movie

I've started on a slab of Holtsten :D to calm pre interview nerves for tomorrow.
But what war movie shall I combine with it?
Sadly, I've got Blackhawk down on. Got tired of waiting.

Yep, will go for those later though.
PMSL, but isn't that a cowboy movie? :oops:

I need a hardcore war movie. 8O

Hamburger hill?
Would that work?
Put the beer away, turn the heating full on, cram a slab of Carlsberg into the fridge and watch "Ice Cold in Alex".

You can have a beer 5 minutes from the end. :)

I like the thinking there.

Is watching carry on dick going to have an adverse affect?

It is funny.
The odd angry shot


Cross of iron


Book Reviewer
JoseyWales said:
alib said:
vvaannmmaann said:
Carry on up the Kyber?
A fine if somewhat undiplomatic choice.

How about The Lives of a Bengal Lancer.
that'll stiffen your lip.
Shot entirely in Bradford.
One of Hitlers favorite movies by all accounts

Go for a classic

The League of Gentlemen (1961)
The life and Death of Colonel Blimp
Appointment in London
Ill met by moonlight
Kelly's Hereos
Fridge to far (after a slab of Holsten)
Full Metal Jacket
First Blood
Carry on up the Khyber

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