What unit of the British Army travels the most?


Hello chaps,

Looked around and have read about lots of regiments that travel around a lot. But which role within the army allows one to travel the most? I hear close protection RMP travel a lot. What other roles in the British army travel the most? Or if not a specific role, why unit?

Not neccessarily for deployments, but exercises, and other training etc.

Just curious.



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RLC Movement Controller?
Yes, if you are Royal Signals, then 30 Signal Regt is the globetrotter unit. Unless you are changing beret colour, it is the best unit for travel in the Royal Corps.
Postal and Courier. They can mis-deliver a package anywhere in the world.
Probably one of the most diverse for standard entry, ie not having to do any extra special training would be AGC, serve with every unit and also on the diplomatic circuit.

I am not AGC and is a perspective from the outside looking in, so could be utterly wrong :)
I would have to say Movement Controllers as any time a piece of the army goes abroad there has to be mov cons to organise* the travel/transport at either end.

*I do, of course, use the word 'organise' in its loosest possible sense!
What @CAARPS said, I heard Staff Clerks get posted to Embassies but surely that is a for a stretch. The Hereford Hooligans must do a fair bit travel, why don't you try and join them ;)

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For someone apparently seeking a career in the Army you are really starting to come across as clueless. I have lost count of the number of corps and Regiments you have brought up so far. Do you actually have ANY idea about the Army?

PS- we don't use the word 'Chaps' here. Fwightfully orf Old Bean.
PS- we don't use the word 'Chaps' here. Fwightfully orf Old Bean.

Theres plenty wear chaps though
....usually with the arse cut out


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Every year I read the latest journal of The Light Dragoons.

I never cease to be amazed at where they go training, exercising, advising. The latest journal is at home in Southampton, I'm in Wales. I cannot currently list for you where they went last year.
The thread title posed a further question in my mind, who or what unit has moved the least? There must be someone who has spent his/her entire 22 years plus (other than military training) sat on their arse in an office somewhere in the UK, a depot of some sort springs to mind.

Anyone got any offers on this one?
The SAS seem to travel about a lot.

That omnipresent handful of blokes on the balcony can be found in any pub in the UK at any time of day.

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