What type of walting category would you give..

Discussion in 'Waltenkommando' started by THESUNJOCK, Jan 13, 2012.

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  1. Question? What would you call a chap who had passed both P Coy and SF hills phase when in the TA. Never passed his wings course at Brize, as he left the TA yet, writes himself up as if he was a Regular "them" with special secret stuff experience he cannot mention, as its special secret stuff!
    I know I'm being vague but I need to gauge what type of walting category such a person would come under. More so if he is selling his sole to TV under such a guise?
  2. You will need to be more specific if I am goint to fill in the forms to book the bus for the evening.
  3. ♫ wheels on the (outrage ) bus go round and round, round and round, all day long! ♫
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  4. So you're saying he's passed both those courses, & thats all?

    Did he actually do any time in either unit.

    If he did, then he's
    A STAB who hasn't got his wings!

    If he didn't, he's a fucking Crow Stab!:crying:

    Either way.....he's still a STAB!
  5. Quick walt detecting Q, have all regular SAS jumped out of a perfectly good aeroplane with a parachute to gain the winged dagger badge?
  6. That ll be the "Half-Walt" on account of P coy and sf shoite, but its a defo Walt on the rest, " blah blah OSA etc, cant tell you about it".

    Has he at least thrown any fridges?
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  7. Is it Bear Grylls?
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  8. Fugly

    Fugly LE DirtyBAT

    No, he was The Stig.
  9. Bear Grylls was fully passed and badged SAS(R) wasnt he? But only served 18 - 24 months!?
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  10. Yes Bear Grylls did pass his Basic Para course at Brize.

    The regulars have to as part of the course and before being badged. Im told some don't always get to qualify at Brize due to weather but they still have to get it done during the probationary period. I thought the TA was the same but would have more time due to being TA.
  11. Verticalgyro told me to come on here and tell you that you are all saddo's, let's see your fucking creds, you're so boring, blahblahfucketyblahblah blah.
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  12. I read his autobiography in November so I should be able to give you the definitive answer but I actually can't remember the details as the book was utter pish. I came away with the feeling that his marriage to a woman is a cunning deception ploy.
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  13. Hopefully VG also carved "CUNT" into your face with a craft knife after speaking to you.
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  14. Are you 100% on this as I know one who said he never did jump and left the regiment after less than a year.
  15. Didn't realise there were categories of Walt, is it on a 1 - 10 basis or are using A, B, C etc?