What type of Visa?

I filled out the form located at this website:


I don't need a Visa to come up to England, but I don't want to sit on my arrse for a couple months sponging off my uncle. I'm really hoping the selection process doesn't take too long.
I'm looking at a six month Work Visa. Do I need a letter from an employer or would my Overseas Recruitment Invitation letter sufice for a Work Visa?

My advice would be to go onto the army website at army.mod.uk and talk to one of the online recruiters for advice on this one. I don't think the visa / work permit thing is a major issue as I'm assuming you are coming from a commonwealth country. It will simplify matters drastically if you make sure you have the address of your doctor etc as you wont get to recruit selection centre if there are outstanding medical issues. If the process is going to take longer than your permission to stay, you can apply for an extension to stay as long as you are still in the process. be warned that this can take some time as Croydon are snowed under and it takes a while to get this cleared.
Yes I am a Commonwealth Citizen and happy to say no medical problems at all.
I'm comming up at the end of April. ben123 said he's starting Basic in May. What months and how many intakes are there in a year?

Thanks for the info W_P.
Intake dates tend to be roughly quarterly, it all depends what unit you are going to join. Your recruiter will be able to give you specific dates once you are in the system. If you have no crime or medical conditions it should speed things up for you. My advice is to toddle along to your local Recruitment Office asap on arrival. I suggest you start working on your fitness now as it would cause you a preventable complication were you to be deferred on fitness. If all goes well, you could be in training in the September intake so good luck!

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