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Discussion in 'AGC, RAPTC and SASC' started by RobinHood, Feb 2, 2007.

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  1. Hope someone can help.
    For some reason records issued me with a double posting order to go to the Falklands. They posted me there for 6 months and issued a posting order to post me back to my original unit. I was extended and eventually done 7 months.
    All the clerks in the Falklands treated my posting as an attachment, as I was returning to my original unit so I wasnt allowed to take ALA etc....
    When I returned to my unit I was told I wasnt entitled to 20 days POTL as I was posted there and was only entitled to 10 days relocation leave.
    As it turns out someone else from the unit is returning from a 4 month tour in the Falklands and is due to get 13 days leave.
    Do I have to settle for 10 days relocation leave or can I get the 20 days POTL?
  2. i can't really be of help, but i didn't think you qualified for potl for time spent in the falklands. If not, you'd have a legitimate case for carrying forward the leave you haven't been able to take into the next leave year after 31 march. also, the other person you mention may just have been allowed to take 13 days annual leave on his return by an understanding chain of command.
  3. Cheers for the reply - I know he is taking 13 days POTL and then the rest of his leave card on top of that. He has 15 working days left to take on his leave card.
    I put in a leave pass with POTL in the 'type of leave' box and it was rejected., with a clerk saying I wasnt entitled to POTL, as I received a posting order, posting me to the Falklands, and then a posting order posting me back to my original unit.
    Dont know why records are doing it this way now.
  4. well there shouldnt be inconsistencies in the application of the rule, but you are entitled to 10 days relocation leave at both ends of your stint down there.
  5. yeah its all to do with budgets - i got caught out with it as well. they post you there so you come off FI budgents and not your units and then post you back. except with me i got posted there and 3 weeks later families officer was knocking on 1/4 door telling wife that she should move out due to shortage of housing and that i was no longer on units books. funny thing is i didnt know where my next posting was going to be and didnt find out untill 5 months down there. didnt have potl when i got back had relocation leave. looking after me and my family interests of course- arrive home pack up leave UK for BFG all in 10 days cause wife didnt have a clue and when she went to families office they told her they couldnt help and that i should have help from unit i was with in FI. wouldnt even give her MFO boxes. ok going off topic there but it all depends on what they do depends on what you get.
  6. I recently returned from the FI after doing a little over 6 months out there, i was granted my "4 wks POTL" and also took some of my annual leave, just pester, you'll get it
  7. It gets better, the clerk is now planning on taking all my LSSA from me because I got a posting order for there, she is saying it was my parent unit!!!! £2500 + in all. Is LOA payable in the FI. I know it is for pads but can you get it on an unaccomp tour (sorry posting)

    Anyone want a sh1t clerk at their unit, who thinks all the money she gives out is hers??????

    Its getting to the stage where legal action might be called for to get what I am owed.
  8. You arn't entitled to LOA in the falklands, however you are entitled to LSSA at whichever rate you are on (Low/Middle/High) and also entitled to both the AT and AT+ bonuses if you achieve them. Not sure what the score is when JPA is introduced.

    Typical of clerks (and Qmen) you'd think it was their money or stores!
  9. RH,

    It doesn't matter if you are posted to or detached to the Falklands, the Falkland Islands, including South Georgia is a "designated LSSA payment area" as defined in RAAC - Para 14002, a & b.

    Ask your clerk to have a read - RAAC is stil the authority for LSSA until all changes on 1 Apr.

  10. Thanks for the advice. Ill let you know how it goes on Monday.
  11. RH,

    Did you ever get any further on this??
  12. She is still taking the LSSA from me as she saysI am not entitled to it as I was posted there. Even though she knows and read the above section in RAACs.

    I will keep you posted as soonas I know something
  13. RH,

    I suggest you speak to your CoC ASAP - you are definitley entitled to this allowance there isn't even a grey area that may be open to interpretation. Personally I would also ensure you got the POTL as well!!!
  14. Cheers for that Paywog, Ive just found out the clerk in question has been posted to another sqn :thumright: . We are finally rid of her, however as UNICOM is down now in the transition to JPA the new clerk cannot look up to see if she has taken it all of me.
    Will just have to wait and see. We have a noew clerk who couldn't beleve what she was saying. When I get of leave next Tue I will be the first in the Q to see the clerk. I will get an update and let you know.

    Cheers for all the help
  15. As a matter of interest. What rank was this clerk?