What TV show have you just watched

Carrying on from the film thread, maybe a good idea.

Just watched "The Last Witch" which "no pun intended" is quite good on a non charmed way, Brit com


The Waltons.


American Horror Story: Coven.
No better than it should be.
Watching Sons of Anarchy on Netflix and enjoying.

Who would have thunk that men in leather got me hard?!
Been watching UFO. Always interesting to see shows from the past that predict how life would be today.

For anybody who hasn't seen it, it's about a small band o wig wearing heroes dedicated to fighting strangely coloured aliens who come here because they cant survive in the place where they came from.

Should have called the show UKIP.


Season one was pretty good......
Two was better, very cheeky bringing back Anne Frank and turning Chloe Sevigny into a pus leaking gimp. This is three, interesting thing is they are reusing the same actors.


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House MD. The only US Drama series I've ever followed past the 2nd series
The Legend of Zhen Huan. A nicely shot and soap opera-esque tale of palace intrigue during the Yongzheng reign.

Yeah, I'm a spotter. Sue me.

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