What TV did you watch over the Christmas holidays, and why.

I saw that Morecombe and Wise lost tape thing. It has not aged well.
Sadly just because it was lost doesn't guarantee that it was among their best work. To be fair TV was probably changing quite rapidly as well in those days, its difficult to judge it by our standards. The appearance by Dick Emery may have been a watercooler moment.

As an aside I had never heard of Los Zafiros, I had assumed the were Spanish and were a product of package holidays. Wiki tells me they were Cuban.
I was impressed by 'Anna and the Apocalypse', it being musical and then not absolute pish & tosh.
There's another called 'Shed of the Dead' which is a mildly amusing take on the genre.
Pick on freeview has had a couple of Micky Flanagan things on.
Blue Planet, crappy cop/customs/immigration progs, all merges into one.

Andre Rieu can still feck off though.. Smug, smarmy, patronising

I didn't like Shed of the Dead, but Anna and the Apocalypse was quite entertaining and, as you say, not complete blx like most musicals.


Trading Places

Even better now it comes with a warning

Jamie Lee Curtis whipping her top off

It's like the head coming out the bottom of the boat in Jaws

You know it's coming but still look like it's the first time

Described by Dan Ackroyd as one of the greatest racks in Hollywood


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I spent most of Christmas watching some of the offerings on the Horror Channel, such classics as Asteroid-a Geddon, Malibu Shark Attack, Mega Shark v Kolossus and for further entertainment, on Thursday night, Nude Nuns with Big Guns @ 01:00.
I enjoyed the musical 'Anything goes' filmed at the Barbican theatre. First class cast, great songs, very funny, may have converted me to a musical fan.

Gets an airing every year here - Skal!
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It's just started.

I've finally got round to watching "better call saul" and I'm finding it a bit slow to be honest, does it improve?
Coming to the end of series 3 at the moment.


SWMBO sticks on the Harry Potter films…

Waiting for it…..

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