What turns us on (as if we didnt know)

Re: What turns us on (as if we didn't know)

Getting my widgy licked and my bum fingered

Watching kittens and puppys get crushed
what the women said was turning them on was far removed from reports coming from their nether regions.

In other words, women are lying bitches. Why is this considered news?
Among the male participants, the degree of desire they claimed on the keypads matched the degree of response recorded on the machines: they liked to watch straight shagging and girl-on-girl action, and they knew they did. Among women, things were different. No matter how much their keypads insisted they weren't interested in the scenes before them, their internal monitors showed they were turned on by everything: straight sex, gay sex, lesbian sex, the nude gymnast – even the rutting simians got a vaginal thumbs-up.

....like we re going to ADMIT to that??????

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