What troops fight for

Discussion in 'Staff College and Staff Officers' started by jumpinjarhead, Aug 19, 2009.

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  1. A thoughtful and timely commentary:

  2. Professor Richard Holmes used to give a good talk to Staff College etc about the Bonds of Mateship. His view was that men did not fight for Queen and Country and often not even for the Regiment and its history. Instead you fought for the blokes beside you and bescause you did not wish to look a cu*t in front of your mates. Seemed to make sense.

  3. War is actually a metaphor for the struggle within ourselves, each and every one of us, man's timeless struggle between choosing good or evil. War itself is focussing only on the metaphor, not the real issue. Commanding a division in the field I suspect may sometimes be less difficult than keeping ones mouth shut at the appropriate time.
  4. Eh! Come again?
  5. I fight because:

    1. I get paid to do it and it's expected of me in my job.
    2. If I don't the enemy might kill me.
  6. I think there is a difference between what motivates individual soldiers on the one hand and why some people are facinated by war on the other.
    As you imply, it's a job. Most of us would agree with that.
  7. There is a difference by people fascinated by war and those who actually go to war. No room for romantic ideas by people fascinated by war.
  8. True
  9. Soldiers fight-primarily-for their friends.
  10. What a load of crap. Been in many firefights sapper?
  11. Have to agree with you FJ, its what youre paid to do.
  12. Many soldiers throughout the centuries fought and still fight primarily because they have to and because by doing so they may just keep themselves alive. First and foremost in any battle or firefight the person you are trying to keep alive is yourself. Your mates come second really. That's not to say you're jacking on them but not many men would rather die to keep someone else alive. Who can honestly say that if they go out on patrol and someone has to die they'd rather it be them then anyone else?

    I must add that putting your life at risk to save a mucker who is injured or needs help for whatever reason is not the same thing. Many of us would put our lives at risk to save a mucker. However we don't actually fight in the first place for our muckers. They can look after themselves unless injured as i've said.
  13. Im sure that a lot of people think music starts playing when the fighting starts, and everything goes into slo-mo and you see the bullets in the air.
  14. You mean it doesn't?

    I haven't been involved in a huge amount of fights as it aint my job to destroy the enemy, those I have been involved in we were bumped whilst going from A to B. To this end we fought because we wanted the fuckers to stop shooting at us.
  15. People used to think that there was also sometimes a kind of idealism, people fighting for a cause.

    In truth, forces people tend to be pretty cynical.