What treats would the troops want on operations?

Discussion in 'Charities and Welfare' started by snapperuk, Nov 22, 2008.

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  1. Hi, I'm a photojournalist off to Bastion mid December and am going to travel mega light. I want to use up my full baggage allowance by taking out some treats for the guys on the ground. I don't really do charity through the year so am going to buy the stuff myself.

    I'm thinking along the lines of treats (not I-pods or X-box 360's - sorry!) that they miss from the UK and can't get hold of in the NAFFI or PX. Maybe I should stuff a bag full of Haribo and chocolate digestives? I've served abroad (ex crab) and although you could buy tea, biccies, sweets and stuff, it was the typical British brands I missed the most. Any suggestions will be very welcome.

    Ben :D
  2. Blow jobs
  3. You've probably got the right idea; batteries of various sizes could come in handy too, and loads of packets of cigs. Just try not to look like you're trying to buy popularity.

    Re packing light; remember it's winter now, so make sure you pack some warm kit.
  4. I think your best bet would be to post the goodies to yourself before you leave, that way it won't affect your packing.
  5. I've asked the good ladies (and gents) of Rear Party (partners and families) for more suggestions for you, Ben.

    Excellent effort!
  6. I saw the title and swore to myself that if that phrase wasn't in the first five replies, I would unsub from ARRSE forever...
  7. Interactive porn and bratties!!!

    Well, it was good enough for the cold war...
  8. Errrr, I've never given a BJ before and don't intend to start!

    I've been told that fags are cheap as chips out there and I'd be crazy to bring them along? Anyway I don't think I could afford a couple of grand on ciggies.

    I'm not trying to buy popularity. Just want to do something charitable for a bloody good cause and for people who deserve a treat, especially near Christmas time. If I can help, I will.

    Cheers for passing the question on Sol. I'll keep an eye on the thread.
  9. Ask Kathy West to go along with you.
  10. Hi Ben!

    So far, the ladies have said:

    "I happen to know that the old XBox games would be useful right about now, RA just got (or are about to get) a console".


    "Been told that soft toilet paper can be handy, the usual sweets and stuff, but savoury treats (for the love of sanity, NOT twiglets!) could be a starter for 10..."
  11. Now an x-box and some games would be most appreciated I would say! Do you think I may have to check with the MOD to see if it's something I can take out? Fluffy andrex and some sweet things are no problem at all.

    Much appreciated for that suggestion :D
  12. hi ben

    they have the console itself, and I sent a couple of games with it but some more would be great, happen to know that game and game station both do them in the 4 for £20 and 3 for £10 boxes they have.

    good luck

  13. Two pints of larger, and a packet of crisps please.
  14. Admirable you want to do that, but why bother???

    Squaddies get shit loads of stuff sent to them from lots of different sources and sadly a lot of it goes to waste.