What Trains Do i Get?

Discussion in 'Travel' started by CRAIZI-J, Jan 19, 2009.

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  1. Im Coming from cambridgeshire

    i have an RLC course next week down at pirbright but i havent got a clue what trains to get can anyone help me out...

    i have looked on the internet not found anything :/ :(

    help please!!
  2. The train you're after is a British Rail Class 153 or similar. Here's a picture:

  3. Its a movers course is it?
  4. 1. Go to www.streemap.co.uk, find Pirbright then find the nearest railway station.
    2. Go to www.nationalrail.co.uk, enter the name of your local station, then the name of the nearest railway station to Pirbright and the time you want to travel.
    3. Go to your local station and (most important) buy a ticket - get on the train.
    4. Get off the train at the nearest station to Pirbright and go to the camp.
  5. For £12.50 and a knee trembler, Ingrid will give you a backy.

  6. www.thetrainline.com

    Cambridge to Woking (though there might be a station closer to Pirbright) via ondon Kings Cross and London Waterloo - approx 2 hrs duration
  7. your looking for Brookwood station, do you not have joining instructions? Oh yea, when you get off the train, you can have a drink or two in the pub at the station (Brookwood Arms if memory serves me), they have the telephone number for the guardroom, just give them a call and they will send the duty driver out to pick you up.
  8. Please tell me you're not already in the British Army or about to join?? :roll:
  9. I really, really hope this is a Wah...
  10. So do I.
  11. It must be surely..... please
  12. Actually, PM me and I will get you either the RSMs or chief instructors private number so you can bell them on the Sunday when you are near.

    Either of those should be able to square you away fella.
  13. If you tell them the time you will be ready, they will ensure that you are met at the guardroom.All the rooms there will be singles and the bloke in charge of the guardroom prefers to be called by his first name,which I'm at liberty to tell you is Taff. :)
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    B_AND_T LE Book Reviewer


    I have got to go to the shops later. Can anyone tell me how to open the front door.

    I have looked on the Internet but can't find anything.