What train station for PSB at Merville Barracks

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by Jon317, Feb 12, 2013.

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  1. Hi,

    Just been checking that I know where I'm going for my PSB which is tommorow and noticed my tickets say Colchester Stations.....Colchester has 2 stations (Colchester North and Colchester Town) which one do you have to go to or do they pick up from both as the instructions just say make your way to Colchester Train Station???
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  3. Sorry don't speak gobbldygoop
  4. Don't go to North Station, it is fcuking miles from the garrison area.
    Go to the town station (it used to be called St. Botolph's by the way) and cab it from there, less than a mile away.
    Good luck too..........................
  5. Colchester Town Station, its a ten minute walk from there up to Merville barracks but I presume that you may find out on your JI's that the ART will pick you up from the station.....if not its straight over the round about next to the Rail station....you can't miss it.
  6. Timely, AND informative.
  7. Just noticed it was yesterdays date but was also going off the stats that most youngsters of today are late for appointments so he could of missed it ........ok not good enough back track so I will just use the normal ARRSERs response of calling you a .......... :)
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  8. He failed to spell gobbledygook correctly so I hope he failed.