what trades?


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Same as, none of the above.

Eagle, have asked questions, awaiting response. :)
Cheers - your efforts are appreciated!

Found out today though that we haven't been included :mad:

.....apparently, a certain 'very high-up' bod is absolutely FURIOUS!!!

Hurrah for Arrse! = if not for this place my 'powers that be' would not even be aware of the pay review......  :)
 Don't tell me that someone has finally realised that not all workers actually do "routine" jobs throughout the army, someone has actually let the great WO in skybase know whats going on in the outside world?
Where's that fruit Trog dissapeared to? It's hell of a quiet without him. Hopefully he's been taken hostage out in Afgan somewhere! ;D ;)
Why bother with trades?   High band or low band maybe more relevant today!   Tech trade, whats the point?  
What are the trades that the RLC have to offer new recruits? I've lost track. VM or no VM. Sup Con or no Sup Con. MTI or no MTI.

Why start a new thread when you can find an old one :?


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These to the best of my knowledge are all the trades and some of the add son’s to the Trades. There are probably more, but I don’t want to think anymore.
• Driver
o Driver tank transporter
o Driver Staff car
• Driver rad Op
• Chef
• Photographer
• Mover
• Supplier
o Victualer
o Baker
o butcher
• Port Op
• Seaman/navigator
• Marine engineer
• Port Op
• Pioneer
o Bath and laundry
• Postal courier
• Railwayman
• Systems analyst
• Ammo Tech
• Vehicle Specalist
forgot Air despatcher
Cheers Percy. It would be nice to see some of the info that comes out of meetings getting written up in Sustainer. Future planning and policy regarding our trades. A Pinch Point Trade regular feature would be good keeping all those interested up to date. I feel more in the dark now than at any other time in my career. Why does most of the information that shapes the Corp now not filter down?

Out of interst does anyone know which trades and at what rank people can ask for continuance?

Why is Sustainer only ever written and divided by Unit/Regt, why not trade articles? I feel MCM Div should have a regular input.

I'm tired and all over the place, time for bed.


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You can ask at any rank there was a LCpl at 3 CS Regt did 25 years (correct me if I’m wrong).

REMEMBER it you don’t ask you can’t get…
Continuance must be seen as a trade management tool. I was wondering if there was a form of list that highlights the trades and at what rank they required people to take continuance. I forsee the AT trade using continuance for many years to come. It is going to take many years for all the AT's trained as part of the FAS increase to progress and gain experience. If all those reaching thier 22 year point in 2006 leave there is going to be a huge knock on. I mention 2008 as it is an anomaly in that those that reach the 22 year point that year are from a period when Chepstow had its last release of AT's and ASofA pushed out 3 courses before stopping running courses. I just wonder if other trades have similar problems and if continuance is offered to address problems. Sort of seeing a problem in advance and being pro-active in offering continuance. It is no good just sitting back and seeing if anyone applies. It would not come as any suprise if I learnt that there is in fact no RLC policy or management of continuance. The AT trade is possibly an exception with the proposal for the Longer Serving AT scheme, however there does seem to be a problem launching the scheme.

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