What trades get what pay band?

Discussion in 'REME' started by SGTsaladfingers, Mar 3, 2009.

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  1. Hey, im starting selection soon and have picked my three choices.
    Air tech
    RE electrician.
    i am just wondering which is the best trade inyour opinion to pick for various reasons. i have looked around the site and already read other topics. i would just like to know your opinions from experience.

    and also, do you know what pay band these trades belong in?

    Also, are any of the jobs generally known as boring?
    thanks in advance
  2. VM and AirTech are highband once you get to LCpl except for Artisan SSgt.

    I don't think you can state a best option, just go for the one that appeals to you most.
  3. Not forgetting the tech also gets his LCpl the day he finishes his course and opens his packet of Frosties.
  4. Anyone know what courses you need to complete for electronics tech?
  5. ok, cheers for the info guys. How long could a VM expect to wait until they get thier first stripe? I have been told that VM's get "on the ground" quite alot up at the front with the infantry. is this true? and would this be the same case for the other two trades (air tech and RE electrician?) Any info would be appriciated because my recruiter seems reluctant to tell me much :S
  6. After leaving Phase 2 Training any thing from around 18 months to 5 years.

    As far as getting on the ground go's you may never get it or you could be in the thick of it. This all depends on postings, desire and ability.
  7. ok thanks. and does anyone know if there are any opportunities to gain a degree through these trades? It is always something good to have. I presume promotion depends on a mixture of leadership and skill at trade?
  8. At the moment I believe you will gain a foundation degree as an Air Tech on completion of Artificer training and a HND as a VM, RE sparky I cannot be so sure.

    Promotion will depend on your ability at trade, military skills and whatever else you bring to the party.
  9. ok thanks,may i ask what trade do you do, and do you enjoy it?
    i have cancelled it down to VM or air tech, but cannot choose between the two.
  10. I was a VM and enjoyed it a huge amount, although I do not want to alter your opinion, there are downsides too.

    In civvie street who would you pay more, a helicopter mechanic or a car mechanic?
  11. ok, thats good, if you dont mind i cann annoy you with some pretty bone sounding questions :p
    did you see much "action" so to speak?
    how often can you be expected to do operational tours?
    what is the social side of life like?
    and, this will cause controversy...vmA or vmB??

  12. Not very often (unless in very specialist roles (not likely)).


    Very good.

    In the past maybe A, but now B as we move into the 21st century.
  13. ok thanks for the quick replies btw. what are the reasons for choosing A over B?
  14. A is first in the alphabet, so they get to join the lunch queue first :)

    Seriously though, A mechs are more likely to be in armoured units, so the choice of postings is slightly smaller, B mechs could end up at pretty much any unit.
  15. ahh right top stuff. been having a chat with my recruiter, and im now really confused. i dont know whether to go to uni and join the TA whilst im there before signing up, or just to jump straight into VM :? so many choices haha. dont know if i can be jacked with three years at uni though.
    this may sound a really bone question, but, apart from fixing vehices, what would a normal day consist of?