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Hi everyone:
Just a quick question, I am thinking of joining the TA but cannot make my mind up re what trade i should do.
I was really keen on the RMP, however then i visited the REME unit at WREXHAM. I found these a really friendly bunch of lads. They have stated that they are more than willing to accept me as one of five possible trade: recovery mech, armourer, storeman(RLC) ,clerk or driver/radop.
The recovery mechanic and armourer trades interest me.
Anyone out there give me any info on what doing hese trades in the TA are like.
The answer as to which is best for you depends on a few things:

Do your knuckles touch the floor when you are stood up? If so Recce Mech

Do you like Dungeons and Dragons? If yes then Armourer it is for you.

Seriously all of these roles have good and bad parts it all depends on what floats your boat.

Recce Mechs tend to be bigger/stronger people as the work is often heavy arduous, think of it as the 'paramilitary' wing of the AA. Recovering vehicles in all conditions and in al weather. It is practised quite a lot within the TA.

Armourer is the 'King' of all trades it is the second oldest trade in the world, just ask the Recce Mechs to point you in direction of the oldest, it is very much a mechanical engineering trade and requires a certain amount of skills, your main role will be to inspect and repair small arms (that's weapons before any smart arrse comes along), an interest in weaponry (real or imaginary) is an advantage, along with a liking for dark damp and solitary surroundings.

RLC Supply Specialist (they are no longer Blan... Storemen) is actually quite an involved role but not practised as much as it should be in TA. Here you will be supplying the Unit with all its stores and equipment in order for it to carry out its trade.

Clerk is an AGC role attached to the parent unit and as clerks do the file and sort and collate and generally do clerky stuff. Can also get involved with pay and personnel things. In the TA as a clerk you will always be busy and have something to be doing however, it is often not a warry role.

Driver Rad/op. Back now to RLC this is a support trade for the unit allowing it to communicate both upwards to higher formations and downwards to its subunits.

Go along and give it a go the guys at Wrexham are a good bunch and if you find you have chosen the wrong trade then just change it.

The most important thing is to get started, after that the choices are many and varied.

Hope this helps


Does it show that I chose to be an armourer?


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If you want a Trade which you can realistically learn while in the TA, and be useful - and usable - to the Army on Operations, and therefore to have more chance of going on Ops - go Recce Mech. Armourer is higher tech, no doubt, but, like VM, unles you do something similar for a living it's hard to keep skills up just via TA training. This is quite possible however as a Recce Mech.

Plus, it's by far the most "fun" REME trade. You get out, get muddy (as opposed to permanently greasy (VM) or just pallid (GF/Armr), and people are always glad to see you!

Recovery Mechanic FTW :)

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