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hi all,

Am having problems choosing between trades in the RE. The army website and AFCO arnt the most helpfull souls around so thought would ask a few people in the know. Is anyone here a comm specialist or know anymore about the job than the brief on the army website. How much time is spent doing your actuall trade as Ive heard all sorts from you dont really concentrate on your trade as you mostly do the combat engineering side. sorry if this sounds like am a plank but stuck on what to choose.

comms specialist is the new upbeat way of saying signaller fella, not a bad trade but there are far better trades to be had out there that hold better standing in civvy street when you get out.

the sigs lads i know very seldom do a great deal in camp except clean the stores or "stag on" in the ops room. however when they are on exercise then they seem to run around like headless chickens trying to sort out all the faults on the net & with the kit.

combat engeering still exists but is nowhere near as much the "bread & butter" of the corps as it used to be a few years ago.

dependant on your entrance scores i would edge towards the artisan side of life personally, sparky/plumber/fitter acr/fitter or some of the design stream trades surveyor/cmt/draughtsman. these i think are far better civilian quals than sigs but i'm sure that the c3s people will argue this fact.

trade experience can vary dependant on where you get posted within the corps i personally do mine every day but i am one of the lucky ones in that respect.

hope this helps you in some small way.
laters. :idea: :idea:
I wouldn't select sigs as your primary trade you can always try it later on if you fancy and it doesn't really translate to the civvie world.

I've done the class 1 trade thing as well as class 1 knocker and class 2 sigs throughout my time so a varied view. The sigs world can be OK and interesting and you get the full lowdown on whats going on, but has a tendency to cross the line into sh*te when stuck in a CV or ops room whilst all your mates are having more fun on the ground (and in daylight 8O ).

I'd pick an artisan trade first, have a go, get the civvie qual and experience the trade/knocker life, if you don't fancy it then go sigs with a trade in your back pocket for 'ron.
I was a Combat sig 2 before going on my Artisan (sparky) training and have been lucky enough to be artisan traded since including 2 civie attachments totalling 6 years now

I would recommend going artisan as a trade with maybe c3s as asecondary you can always have a couple of trades

(Class 1 knocker, class 1 sparky, class 2 c3 sigs, class 3 driver plus a few spec quals)

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