What trade would be better, overall?

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by ITMatt, Mar 11, 2008.

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  1. Hi everyone,

    I'm looking for a little friendly advice on what trade to choose.

    I have Systems Engineer Technician (RSigs) and Electronics Technician (REME). I enjoy working with maths and physics, would like to be close to the forefront of technological advancements, and I enjoy learning about new techniques/abilities.

    Sys Eng Tech looks interesting, but does get tedious, plus you don't get to tinker much with IT equipment, it's cheap enough to throw it away and replace with new equipment. You're also competing with outsourcing and civ contractors, and I'd fear being stuck on an Help desk.

    Electronics Tech looks fantastic, as I'd get to tinker with all kinds of equipment and take advantage of my maths/physics skills. I think it's less likely to be outsourced and a lot of the equipment has to be fixed. Theres also the possibility of becoming an Avionics Technician. However, I'd imagine there is pretty much no opportunity of deployment, which would be a downer. I've also heard that it's highly competitive to get in to, due to the limited numbers they take on.

    Have a summer up the two trades correctly?
    Is there anything I'm missing?
    What would be most suitable for someone like me?
    Is Electronics Tech difficult to get in to?


  2. There was an earlier thread about being a Gunner /Seismologist - what about that?
  3. Do you have a link, as I can't find it with the search function?

    Would it have good prospects within the Army and in Civi street afterwards?
  4. If you are planning a longer career in the the Army go for electronics in REME. You are taught an actual trade that has an evolutionary path depending upon your educational aspirations.
    If you just want a few years to get some quals for civvy strasse then go for IT in the sigs. I don't know what it is like in the Army but it pays ok in civvy life albeit the job is somewhat boring and one has to follow the industry model.
  5. Just thought I would tell you, the System Engineering Technician trade is being merged with the Information Systems Engineering trade path to make a new trade. Not sure what is going to be kept, and what is dropped, and my AFCO doesn't know much about it either, all that it is happening very soon, i.e. the next few months.

    I've got down SE Tech as my first choice, but may change it when I'm actually in basic and there is more news available out the new trade, but who knows.
  6. The new trade will be called Communications System Engineer and will be implemented very shortly the best person to speak to on this is Poison Dwarf PM him and he will give you the relevant info.

  7. If Sys Eng Tech combines with IS Engineer to become a super trade, would that mean that I will lose out on the promotion to LCpl after phase 2 training, as I see that IS Engineer do not get this privilege?
  8. As far as i am aware the details for that havent yet been made officially available but it is my understanding that the only thing that is changing is the amalgamation of the 2 trades, promotion structure is likely to remain as it is.
  9. Many thanks for this information, have just PM'ed PoisonDwarf :).

    Regarding promotion, I've been told that it's possible that the promotion after phase 2 will be stopped. But the guy who told me, a good mate who's in the signals now, and who I originally did basic training with, is probably just jerking me around for a laugh lol. I hope so anyway hah.
  10. Misread the Topic - I thought you were looking for: "Overalls" Green for the use of. :oops:

    I was gonna say join the RLC if you need a pair of those.

    Still it got me +1 on the post count so fair doo's I suppose. :roll: