what trade to do?

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by andysmfc, Jul 5, 2013.

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  1. hi , i am thinking about joining up to the regulars, i would like to do something that would give me a trade/qualifications to have a decent job after leaving the army. I have been looking at the Engineers and Royal Signals. I currently work in IT but am not necessarily looking to do an IT based role. The only thing that is putting me off is the possibility of being based outside the UK as i have a fiancee who would not be able to re-locate with me.

    i would appreciate if anyone has any advice on roles etc that i could go for

  2. TheresaMay

    TheresaMay LE Moderator DirtyBAT

    If you're already worried about being located elsewhere from a woman you're not even married to - may I suggest that a career in the forces is not for you? Especially as it appears you only wish to feather your own nest with quals from it.

    You will regularly be apart (even if you're both quartered on your base), through exercises, ops, courses, training etc.
  3. .
    Don't bother joining the RE as a driver. 20 years down the line and its ****.
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  4. sorry for trying to look ahead for my future, as i am 21 and max service is what , 22 years? then id be out army at 43, so i am looking for something that will also set me up for a half decent job when i leave , is there something wrong with that ?
    Also I am not only looking to feather my nest with quals , i want to join up because its what i want to do , if i simply wanted qualifications why would i join army to get them.
  5. With an answer like that have you thought about becoming an officer?
  6. Any other requests. Other than joining an already oversubscribed Corps, with no overseas trips- so, nothing dangerous then!
    Then you want an opportunity to learn a trade for life beyond the Military, but you haven't even joined, and you are already planning to leave!
    If you are serious, and personally I think you are on a sticky wicket as a Regular soldier. So go for the Reserves, and see what you think.
  7. i am not planning to leave i am just thinking about when i have to leave as i will only be in 40's. and i know there will be overseas travel etc , at no point have i said i wouldn't want that just wouldn't be ideal if i was based overseas.
  8. If you don't want travel as you have a fiance then I seriously would look at a different career.

    Yes; many places are closing down but there have been a fair whack of Operational, advisory shite, exchanges and all sorts of other stuff going on recently and no sign of what's round the corner:

    Falkland Islands
    Northern Ireland
    Ascension Islands
    Sierra Leone
    Diego Garcia
    Saudi Arabia
    New Zealand

    Look forward to Syria, Mali, Somalia, Yemen, etc, etc.

    If you do join you'll probably end up as an admin nightmare that never goes on tour as the misses cried, the kids needed picking up from school, yawn, etc, etc...

    So if you don't fancy time away then I wouldn't bother the long trip to the careers office.
  9. Bin her, she's holding you back.

    Women are 10 a penny, there'll be another one along.
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  10. TheresaMay

    TheresaMay LE Moderator DirtyBAT

    First off - you never mentioned you were looking at a full career - only about qualifications for onward employment. To that end I can only go off of what you bring to the opening post; in other words what's stopping you from leaving once you've got what you wanted?

    I like to think of quals / experience etc as an added incentive to the job. I say "job" - but it's more a lifestyle (unlike any other) and something you're either suited to or not.

    So you can have the financial security of getting paid whilst learning, maybe?

    There's nothing overly wrong with what you asked, so no need to be so defensive about it. I'm merely suggesting that maybe you might want to re-examine your reasons for wanting to join, all things considered, especially seeing as this choice of lifestyle does not appear to be compatible with yours - OR your other half's for that matter.
  11. [TABLE]
    [TD]The Role Finder website will allow you to explore all the opportunities available in the Army as a Regular Soldier. If you still have questions, visit us on Facebook (Army Jobs) or come back on here.To find all the Regular Soldier roles on Role Finder go to the following link: http://www.army.mod.uk/rolefinderUnder my details tick Regular.This should now show you all the jobs for Regular Soldier.Please ensure that the box marked advanced specialist roles is ticked 'No' (under My Details at the top) as these roles are ONLY for current serving soldiers. These roles are there to show you what you can progress to later on in your Army Career.[/TD]
  12. [TABLE]
    [TD]You must be aware that, should you be accepted for enlistment: You must be prepared to serve anywhere in the world. You must be prepared to serve in areas of conflict and to carry arms. You may have to take life in the act of protecting life. [/TD]
  13. There are some key issues you really must think about which were highlighted above by DC and CC_TA...you could be posted anywhere ....posting preferences will be looked at but in reality your posted where MAnning and Records say....with long pre tour exercises...ops...and general tasking etc.. you will spend a lot of time away from family. Many of those topics have been done to death on here...lots of relationships fail due to the added pressure but many stay good.

    The trade question though has lots of deviants (not picking on CC_TA) some say get a trade so you can do it in CIV DIV when you get out...well after 25 years at trade the last thing I wanted to do was spanner...on my resettlement CTW I did a few years ago only one out of a dozen of us who had all done 20 years plus was going to do a similar job to what he did whilst serving.

    Look at jobs your interested in doing for now and the next 10 or so Years and through your Army Career you can progress within that trade and advance your knowledge and work up to the management side and then you can 're assess where your heading...

    Remember your a soldier first what ever trade and the majority of the process your assessed on...you have to have the right aptitude and education to be eligible for the specialist jobs to get through phase 2 trade...but most importantly the the right attitude and robustness for jobs in the 'RE and REME........just don't pick a job thinking of future employability in civvy street or like many you will be signing off after three years like many have once reality bites..
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  14. As already mentioned, you should really concentrate on selecting a role within the army that you feel you'd enjoy. You're not going to stick a trade beyond 4 years much less 22 if you think it's dog shit.
  15. Signallers

    Signallers Book Reviewer

    To be honest Signals is the way to go to be honest buddy, you've seen the Royal Signals recruitment video claiming everybody carries a mobile phone with them and that this is where the future is as this is a main focus of the corps for computing, communication and networking technology's and there is (believe it or not) a trade in civilian life from the Royal Signals providing you get the main qualifications and experience. Everyone is surrounded by technology nowadays and it will just expand to even more in the near future and more jobs believe it or not.

    The Royal Engineers on the other hand in my experience from knowing and seeing fellows come of the the unit is that they find it relatively harder to find a job in Engineering as most of the Engineering work now days is now management and tech work as the industry has been industrialized to be controlled more by computers and computer operated machines, on the other hand there is still a wide gap for Engineering possibilities out there and a pretty solid future also.

    But you need to find a role that would suit you, because at the end of the day when push comes to shove you're still a soldier but you still have a capability and suitability for a role and a career in the near future.