What trade should i shoot for?

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Reserve Recruitment' started by patriotgames, Mar 28, 2009.

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  1. I am joining a REME unit, i ve been told a few trades are open to me, could you give me an idea of what each job is like and which you think would be best to go for: -

    1. RLC Storeman
    2. RS Radio Operator
    3. AGC Clerk

    I ve just graduated from uni so my gut says go with AGC Clerk, what do you think?

    Also i am keen to go on a tour to afghanistan, could you give me an idea of what an average day would be like for me doing these jobs.

    Thanks in advance.
  2. Mate, AGC clerk ???????

    Want to really join the army to do a girls job ???
  3. Not thought about doing one of the REME trades or doyou need past experience to do them?

    As a Siggie I would say go for Radio Op but then I am biased
  4. As a siggie, I'd say find out where your nearest infantry unit is :twisted:
  5. personally id think that the best trade you could shoot for would the trade that is the suicide bombers and any other that are used by the enemy..
  6. wouldn't you want a more active trade? i'm doing my phase 1 as a siggie but i'm hoping to move over to REME after my 2 weeker(my unit has a REME unit attatched) and doing my trade with them as a vehicle mechanic ... btw on that note anyone got any advice on whether i can(or should) specialise as a type B or A V.M? thanks my unit is abit crap for dishing out the info.:x

  7. I can only assume you didnt graduate with anything of any use then, if this is the basic selection of job you have been offered.

    Why not tell them you would prefer to join the pioneer corps?