What trade(s) in the Royal Signals are best for businesses like BT etc

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by Wonderer, Jul 2, 2013.

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  1. What Trades in the Royal Sigs am i best off doing if I'm wanting a job at BT or similar businesses when i leave the army eventually, because army life doesn't last forever and i want decent prospects to earn a good living after my army career ends? just a quick question
  2. In my experience (and a fair few squaddies I know) you're best off doing a trade you think you'll enjoy and using your education in the military to plan for a future career. A civvie won't even begin to understand your military trade most of the time, a lot of Army courses teach you a civvie qual content but don't give you a certificate at the end of them and BT will stick you on a course anyway. The last lad I know who got a job with then (well, with a subcontractor to BT) was ex artillery and got the initial contact through his resettlement course.

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  3. Seconded. Get some education, don't worry too much about what trade, but be the best you can at it, and see what happens when the time comes. Here in civdiv your experience will be totally different to what industry needs, for example, don't state you've experience as a vehicle comms fitter when all you have done is slide modular kit into something pre wired. If you're good enough you will get picked up and trained in the skills you need to be successful.

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  4. Don't agree, pick a trade that will give you the most exposure to outside business and to units with a greater exposure to the outside world. It's all about your CV. A lot of companies have an idea about the RS and what your skill set is. Also, if you plan to stay in for a while, the supervisory route become important. FofS IS is the daddy here will be more so in the future when the trade group is CS Eng based. To answer your question CS Eng EW Op Inst Tech in that order.

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  5. Inst Tech was your traditional CALOMI BT Openreach installer however those days are gone so they are more akin to copper and fibre contracting.

    However there are many other roles in the army that will give you enough experience to do well in companies such as BT, Virgin etc. Dont limit your options, there is always resettlement when you finally leave. After years of one trade you maybe sick of it anyway and take a new direction.
  6. RS? Are we Inf now??
  7. Brevity is everything.
  8. BIE you mean