What trade(s) in the Royal Engineers would BT snap you up?

Discussion in 'Sappers' started by Wonderer, Jul 2, 2013.

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  1. What Trades in the Royal Engineers am i best off doing if i'm wanting a job at BT or similar businesses when i leave the army? just a quick question
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  2. Well, someone's got to dig a hole to shove a BFO log into...

    Good drills by the OP - forward-planning is a skill few acquire.
  3. Thanks for the info, i'll have a gander on the Sigs bit
  4. The last Openreach contractor that I had dealings with had previous for being a slop-jockey.
  5. Already not envisaging a startlingly successful career in the Army then?
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  6. Ex REME working for BT now.

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  7. Openreach were employing ex-military, trade skills were not an issue, they were after the work ethic & training is given.
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  8. A lot of RA comms guys get the jobs due to the quals gained whilst serving including NVQ's in telecomms.
  9. I had an interview with openreach in may got told 4 weeks for the results, then got an email at the 4 week point saying 2 more weeks got another email at the end of those 2 weeks saying 2 more weeks, those ran out today. I'm a bit threaders but hopeful ill find out soon so ill let you know if I can, CTP has them advertising in the south west at the mo.

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  10. Signallers

    Signallers Book Reviewer

    CS Engineer my friend.
  11. Are you just using the Army to get your trade? No interest in a career in green? You could aim higher - CoW or similar and still have enough time to make a go of it in civvy life?
  12. Wonderer, it makes now difference, if you pass the interview you should get a job. I've been at openreach and all it's previous guises for 34yrs now as a trainer / coach after leaving R.Sigs. After Sigs I would say engineers then gunners mostly but in general I would say every unit is here even bootnecks. Good Luck
  13. Heart stopper, our admin people are next to useless, they'll be trying to fit you into the area your looking to live in. Initial training has also a backlog as with eqpt being in short supply at the moment.
  14. Went for a job with BT Openreach through an agency, they explained it could be quite a long process with interviews and reference checks, more interviews, then on the job assessment, then another interview, work for on a temporary contract to hopefully move on to a full time contract.

    Offered my Red Book with Exemplary service record to which they replied: "Ex military? Can you start Monday?" Missed out most of the interviews and enjoyed it until I had to scoot of for a government sponsored holiday.

    (Poor management but some cracking staff to work with.)