What Trade is the best?

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by Liney_Lunatic, Feb 4, 2009.

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  1. we are always harping on about who's trade is the best, so cmon ppl, lets hear your personal views and why.
  2. I dont even know what fecking trade I am?
    But Im sure what ever it is, Its the best!

    Best at what exactly?
  3. not so much a best at what, more of a why do you think your trade is better than everyone elses. and being a tech fast-ish promotion and sh!t loads of cash is usually a good reason.
  4. Theres only one trade for a soldier, killing
  5. Fcuk off, Audie Murphy.


    I have told you before. You are a Combat Desktop Support Weenie.
  6. What I think...

    I think if your getting out or joined up just to get quals / experience (whats the point!!! Why join in the first place...) then systems tech (or whatever it is these days - comms eng I think) leads by miles, walk into a systems engineer / network eng type job no probs. Second has got to be installation techs / lineys. Laying cables in civvy streer pays well, especially if it's FO, £150 - £200 per day contract no probs. Unfortunately us ops are fkd over because there's very little use for our skills unless you have satcom / SHF experience. Shame really...
    While your on the job however, us RS ops get the good end of the otherwise 5h!tty stick getting more ops to travel, postings etc...

    Each to their own at the end of the day, there reasons other than GCSEs why people select their trade.

    I love my job but what something a bit more 'green' so I'm off to the RA... 4/73 if anyone fancies joining me...

  7. I notice that Mech aint on the list...

    And no, its not a bloody tech trade.
  8. You´re right it isn´t a tech trade. But it is now called Installation Tech, move on with the times.
  9. Is the title of Installation Technician not a dead giveaway?