What trade are / were you?

Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by CRmeansCeilingReached, Jan 14, 2007.

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  6. Transferee Int Corps Officer

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  7. Something else (non-Int Corps)

  1. As a tangent from another thread, i got to wondering if it's roughly a 50/50 split on this forum between darksiders and lightsiders...?

    included Op Int & Sy and AN(SI) for any old school who were made into Op MIs. not that it makes us dinosaurs or anything ;)

    if you could tick more than one, choose whichever you prefer.
  2. Please could we have an option for Sonder Fjallschrimwalt Nachrichten Dienst Kommando 49 (Retd) ?
  3. Was a Tele Op (Ling) now an OPMI (done all the courses) going back to 14 to be an OPMI (L) :numberone:
  4. that'll be why you're up at 5am then :) long drive ahead?
  5. No, I'm currently in Afghanistan, back to Germany in a fortnight. :highfive: Not back to Brawdy until May.
  6. Cannon Pig
  7. An obvious answer, but never will I ever consider myself an Op MI. My Class 1 qualification is Op Int & Sy, I have no Op MI qualification!
  8. I was an OPMI but the CO has other ideas and has made us all 'soldiers'...

  9. Would that be the Glorious 2 MI G2LB??
  10. No... :nod:
  11. Living the dream then! Well all I can say is that im sure that by the end of Green Warrior/Mettle/Farce we will all be lean mean slimey fighting machines! Sorry, was that sarcasm? I really do need to watch that!! It'l get me into trouble one day...........
  12. you'll soon be neither if you carry on like that. he can read, you know :)

    don't know why some people moan about doing warry stuff. if you don't like it, why did you join the army?!? jeez.

    would much rather be running around flinging smoke and twatting off rounds than sitting at the computer. but maybe that's just someone who isn't Playstation Generation G2LB? ;)
  13. Op Int & Sy and always will be!!
  14. So would I mucker, but not with the sorts of workloads I've had sometimes. Inconvenient Mil Trg pops up and that's a day or two put back. Not that I mind, Mil Trg, shooting in particular is a favourite of mine.

    I know that when the parts of our job are put into priority it may seem that the CI/PS stuff is being put on the backburner, I also know that it isn't true!

    Mil Trg is good, I was in fact being facetious. :winkrazz:
  15. Hang on gents, if i may interject, I never meant to imply that I didnt like the Mil Trg, and i agree, iT can only be viewed as a good thing. The kind of stuff we do on Bn Conc/PDT is fantastic. But it just seems that our day to day work is meant to slot in around it. We have been told, for example, to get a least one day on the range once a month, conduct Mil Trg once a week if poss etc What i'd like to know is who is to conduct this trg? We cant just keep asking the local Regts to do us a favour, people get pished off with it as we cant really offer anything in return apart from the odd help out with a screwed lock! We are not lucky enough to have a Trg Wing that we can just book and I think I can only name one AASAA instr that i know of in our Coy, and hes leaving soon!! If the Hireachy want us to be self suffifient surely getting guys on the AASAA course, NBC and other vairous courses should be high on the priority for trawling the Bn!

    Well thats just my opinion anyway. I await your incomming!


    Edited due to shi'ite spelling!