What Trade Are/Were You? Do You Use It In Civvy Street?

Discussion in 'Sappers' started by paddy700d, Apr 24, 2011.

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  1. I was an A1 Fitter Machinist, B1 Oggie and 8B5 EOD. Even as an A2 Ftr Mach I was intent on getting a trade posting as I planned on using my trade when I got out. 9 years later I couldn't be happier.

    I really have to admit as a Machinist the training you get at Chatham is second to none. Some of the apparently "time served" boys at my work are basically semi skilled monkeys in comparison the stuff I've been taught at 1 RSME.

  2. Good for you.

    If you have a word with Chocolate Frog, I'm sure he'll lend you a trumpet to blow.
  3. Electrician & yes.
  4. EOD and yes.
  5. sirbhp

    sirbhp LE Book Reviewer

    Gunner / wiley op AVRE. Civy st. Credit Manager and Freelance writer
  6. As a serving member of the Corp:

    A1 Armd Engr
    A1 Fitter RE
    B1 Cbt Engr
    B3 Dvr RE

    As a time served Sapper:

    IT Systems Administrator

    (Sapper training and trades have come in useful for other pursuits though)
  7. A2 POM.
    B2 knocker.

    I run my own landscaping company, so regularly use a lot of both!! Not much call for bridge building or mine warfare, but you get the idea!!
  8. unless you class the removal of surface laid dog-mines as mine warfare. ;-)
  9. B2 Combat Engineer
    T2 Surveyor
    CoW (Construction)

    5 years self employed installing burglar alarms
    2 years national operations manager for Anglian Home Improvements
    3 years various council construction design jobs
    8 years building control surveyor

    Yes the trades from the RE have helped but what helped most is the can-do attitude to work that a sapper learns from day one and the tech trainings has made chartered builder status that much easier to attain
  10. Inside

    B2 Combat Engineer
    B1 Driver RE
    A1 Crane Operator ( 12 years, full time trade )
    A1 TBT Operator


    1) Heavy mobile cranes in the UK and middle east for 4 years.
    2) Touring World on motorbike for 2 years
    3) Mobile cranes again for the last year

    I had a shedload of Operating hours under my belt as a sapper crane op, due to various reasons I can honestly say I had at least 10 times actual crane experience ( hours ) than any other crane op I worked with.When I started working as a commercial crane operator.....It was a big bastard wakeup call.

    The Military approach to crane operating is about 4 decades behind the proffesional civillian sector at least...... in aspects of siting/equipment/technique/training/safety and it was a steep learning curve to get to the required level of speed and efficiency and safety.

    Average working hours for most crane operators was approx 100 hours a week.

    04:00am starts and finish at 22:00pm ( not including travel to/from home )
    My days as a sapper were useful only in respect to giving me the discipline to do the work and have a foundation in the trade.
  11. A2 Ftr Gen, couldn't stand the job in the Corps, so I'll be fucked if I end up doing it in civvy street!
  12. A1 Fitter RE
    B1 Knocker
    Driver RE3
    Fire NCO

    Became a crane op when I left, Couldn't do the 100 hours a week after 5 years of it, became a locksmith for a couple of years, now Plod and loving it.
  13. Class 2 E&M Draughtsman
    Class 1 Combat Engineer.

    When I left the Army the training I received from RSME put me well above the standard that Civvie Draughtsmen worked to.

    Went to College then University, I now work as a Consultant Engineer in the Construction Industry.
  14. A2 Fitter Machinist, and yes I used/use it in civvy street.

  15. RE Driver
    Now I am on civvy street I am a tanker driver...easy money!