What town was the SAS disbanded?

Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by bibo_boy, Jun 27, 2008.

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  1. in 1946?
  2. oldbaldy

    oldbaldy LE Moderator Good Egg (charities)
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    The SAS disbanded a town in 1946 :?
  3. I think it was Milton Keynes in 1986.........

    .....they were p1ssed off with all the roundabouts.
  4. Wasn't it in Norway?
  5. There is a "Vid" doing the rounds, not sure if its on U Tube, which shows at least one SAS battalion on parade, complete with Gidions and has Calvert as Brig doing the inspection.
  6. Do they have black nasty over their eyes?

    I would imagine that their Guidon today (if it has all of the campaigns on it) is locked away somewhere very secure for no one to ever see!
  7. Tv program: (UKTV History) sorry History channel.


    Bums, missed second and final episode.


    Showing: SAS: Originals. Started yesterday to coincide with veterans day. With more episodes to come.

    At the end of the prog they were all assembled in a town (sorry, forgot the name). They had ALL been in Norway looking for war criminals.
    However, the red tabed orriface simply said "As of today the SAS/SPS is disbanded".

    A voice from the assembled shouted "Why".
    The answer from the the knob with the red shoulder tabs replied "The Army does not want gangsters in the ranks"

    Also there is a link on this website to the program? Its a Google ad.

    filled in a few blanks left by my uncle!
  8. Looks like it's just the RN and RAF left then :)

    Thank Heavens that someone saw sense later eh?
  9. Yes. sadly missed the second and final episode?

    Happily, the media have decided it seems the gloves are off when it comes to officers behaving badly! or am I being naive that its only going to be "those that speak out" who have their misdemeanours leaked by the civil serpents in the MOD.
  10. There were 5 Bns of SAS by the end of the war, including a Belgian Bn. Not to mention an Special Boat Service that was part of the SAS, and two that weren´t operating from UK and in the Far East. Not to mention all the other bolt ons that did this and that.

    IIRC the Auxilariys of the Home Guard were also classed as SAS, as were several female units who ran various support functions.

    I doubt they were all formerly disbanded in one location.

    Don´t the Aussy SAS still have flags and a pass off parade? It was only when the 22 SAS took on the Anti-Terr role, esp withing NI and after Princess Gate that they went super secret squirall wasn´t it?
  11. Is the vid you think of a parade held in Europe?- French/Belgian SAS units are parading too.

    Story I was told or even read somewhere is that an SAS unit had a camp at Halstead in Essex.
    They returned from active service held a small parade on camp and disbanded.

    The troops then returned to parent units for demob. -special units lacked the admin?
  12. The SAS had an old country house near Halstead and Wivenhoe Park House in Colchester. I believe at the end of the war both units were disbanded. Not sure which battalion/regiments were.

  13. I´ll havve to do some foraging but I beleive that the house was used to reform, the Malayan Scouts at least.

    It is quite famous, within such circles. The basis of the renouned boat house perhaps?
  14. Stilts you are ringing bells.

    Wivenhoe Park- now University was where vast amounts of equipment was stored prior to D Day so very likely SAS were there

    Halstead was also an SOE training area.

    Flights made from Rivenhall End Airfield - sort of Braintree (ish).

    Lots of American activity in 42/43 then Short Stirlings/Horsa gliders
    Some Market Garden and Varsity troops were flown from there.

    Also tales of secret passages to get SOE bods away without being seen.
    There was a bloke- Carol de Coverly? who in the early 80's was really interested in this airfield and we shared a few beers and chats but I never followed up his interest.

  15. Wow... onlly just stubbled on this again...

    Interesting... it's only I'm sure they said Chelmsford in the History Channel doc...