What torch?

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by Thomasaurus, Apr 22, 2011.

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  1. I've got a few gooduns like the led lenser t7 and p3 and the classic mini maglite but I'm after something a little tougher. Tempted by a surefire or fenix.

    Anybody used anything by these? What do you use? Good to see what others like using. Not after anything big as it'll be for outdoorsy use mainly more than military use (just a headtorch with a red filter does the trick for that). Gotta be nigh on indistructable too!
  2. Petzl.....
  3. Thought they only did headtorches? Although I've got the tikka xp on my list for Santa.

    Forgot to mention, looking for something handheld.
  4. gerber recon,
  5. Something cheap and tough.

    AA Maglites are good but get the LED replacement kit for brighter light and better bty life.
    Any Petzl headtorch that takes AA btys.

  6. Got an aa maglite, been my first choice on ex for the last couple of years. Looks buggered but works a treat still.
  7. Surefire, just fantastic, pricey but fantastic.
  8. Fenix.
    Saw one dropped 120 feet onto rocks. Worked just fine afterwards.
  9. Sure fire batteries cost a bomb you better looking for something that runs on AA 's
  10. I've had a Surefire 6P since Edgars first started bringing them in, around 15 years ago. I still have that same torch I received and I know a guy who still has the original pistol mount variant he received back then. I changed out the original bulb assembly cos mine broke - my fault. The drawback with Surefire is that if it is not LED or CREE they chew up batteries. I bought an 8AX Commander rechargeable about 7 years ago and used that for duty and private, fine but on duty I always carried a spare battery and a spare torch.

    I was introduced to Fenix about 4 years ago with the company rep dropping the torch onto a paving slab from 6 feet and intermitently dunking it into a fishtank full of water for a few minutes at a time. I bought one. What convinced me was the guy from the Dutch Police procurement department who I spoke to, he had just ordered a second batch of 400 like these Fenix's homepages prime reason for purchase is the battery life and the cheapness of AA batteries. The Cloggie arranged a nice "Show discount" for me, which was useful as it has since proved to be so shiny it grew legs and walked. I also bought a single AA battery version for the Mrs to tuck into her handbag.......a torch, that is.

    Bottom line: Surefire is great, if the batteries are being bought for you. Fenix is 'kin marvellous for private purchase, cheapness of torch and cheapness of batteries.
  11. Iv got a surefire aviator with red LEDs. It's a bright torch but eats batteries, but luckily they can be demanded through the system as at full power it only lasts an hour.
  12. I'm very tempted by a p6 led protector for police use and a fenix ld20 for everything. Might just chip out £100 and get both... Although I want a new watch and altbergs. Decisions decisions eh!
  13. Have you tried just lighting a match or a cheap lighter?
  14. Yeah but they don't have the runtime of leds. I'd class that in the incadescant category lol. Tried candles but in the sticks it's a bit windy and my lantern doesn't fit on my belt unfortunately :( bloody technology these days eh!
  15. Cutaway

    Cutaway LE Reviewer

    a. No they don't.
    b. Never heard of the QM ?