What topic to start when you are bored

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by ex-dvr1, Aug 2, 2008.

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  1. I was thinking of starting a topic called "the best place i have served in a bar that belonged to my sqn, which was next to the worst range i had been on, but at the same time it was when i saw the funniest thing EVER, and i was there i saw it all i fought them all as well, none of it is hearsay or myth."

    ?Then I thought maybe just post links/videos/pictures that will produce one line answers at most, or even better post pictures of females scantily clad. as I am sure no one else nows how to search for stuff like that.

    Or or else failing those i can cut and paste an email joke i got sent, or a scam letter because again no one else would have seen any of those.
  2. Hope you won't be offended if I meander from the thread topic(s) a little?
  3. Sorry mate,that has already been done.Why not start something original?
  4. Why don't you start a rant?
  5. How about "The worst squaddie pub you have ever been in with a woman you shouldnt really fancy, ranting about assorted shyte about equipment, PAYD and Afghan"
  6. I think the "what / who really p1sses you off" stuff hasn't been done to death enough.........
  7. I think Ex-dvr1 has made an excellent point about what to post...so I offer this screengrab...

  8. How about a PORN Rant now that would be different. indulge us with 2 of our fave subjects
  9. How about something about mongs?

    PROTIP: look carefully at the following picture...

  10. the dirty bitch has swamped herself! driver i,d start an outrage thread mate,thats disgusting. :roll:
  11. My God Proximo! where did you find this?

    it look like the one on the right is actually saying MLAAARRR
  12. she,s got nice crocs though.
  13. "You mean me...sexy man?"

  14. I reckon some people may like this...if they're really bored an' all...probably the mother of several of the previous:

  15. I reckon a thread entitled What's Your Sharpest Ever Pair of Scissors? should go down well.