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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by PTS265, Jul 19, 2007.

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  1. Hey all,

    Basically, I'm going for a new job soon, and I'm pretty stuck with what to write in terms of the TA on my CV.

    I'm sure there must be someone who's had to do this fairly recently?

    I'd appreciate any help/advice/stone throwing you care to give.

  2. Check your PMs

  3. Hugh

    could I also see your version as well

    many thanks
  4. Me too please!
  5. Perhaps you could adjust said CV for PERSEC and put a bit of it up?

    I've been told by three different sources that my CV is Brilliant, Over The Top, and Completely Unreadable!
  6. msr

    msr LE


    then post it up without your contact details on it.

    I believe the ever useful Dr_Evil has some thoughts on this matter.

    This is my entry:

    Army Staff Officer. 12 Mechanized Brigade Basra, Iraq Apr 2005 – Nov 2005
    Mobilised service with the Army in the G9 Civil-Military Co-operation (CIMIC) Staff branch as the Operations Officer. Prepared, collected and analysed CIMIC related information for daily and weekly reports. Coordinated and supervised the execution of CIMIC plans, orders and projects across Southern Iraq. I commissioned as an Officer in the TA in September 2002 and serve with The Bolton Artillery.

    I also mention that I am cleared to SC.

  7. Sorted for PERSEC and sent to PTS. He said he'll post his version.
  8. msr

    msr LE


    Check your PMs.

  9. For your delight and delectation:

    'I am currently an Infantry soldier with the Territorial Army, which takes up mainly weekends, evenings and time during holidays. The Territorial Army currently makes up a third of all British Troops on operations, and will give me skills I can transfer into civilian life. Through my time in the Territorials, I have become a fit, disciplined individual, capable of working well in a team or on my own, and able to use my initiative and training to help me cope with any situation.'

  10. I also added a fair bit to the end explaining how the exact job I do could assist me in doing the job I'm applying for, and made it relevant to myself.

    All credit to HJ for his help.

  11. Fair point, i was a touch forward.

    PM Me an email address, and i'l attach a copy if you want msr.
  12. That's odd. At work today I had a person describe positive character traits and stated "my sense of calm gives me the ability to cope with any situation" which made me ponder for a while, think about it and ask "even space zombies invading Hull?".

    All in all, I'd pick msr's approach. In fact I'm going to steal it,muhahaha.
  13. msr

    msr LE

    Please do. I will try and drag out the fuller version from the 2 pager ;)

  14. My (modest) contribution:

    "In addition, I am a Territorial Army soldier in the Royal Corps of Signals, where I am responsible for the timely delivery of mission-critical communications - often in an extremely challenging environment."

    As a point of interest, whereabouts in your CV do you put it? It's currently in my hobbies and pastimes section, but that somehow doesn't seem right. Should it go in the employment history instead?
  15. My mate's CV contained:

    "The Army has trained me to kill quickly and efficiently, removing ears, hands and feet to be fed to the dogs. Prior to deployment on Op Telic, I also received instruction on hanging subjects by their feet and killing them by slitting their throats."

    Well, he was applying for a job as a butcher.

    Only kidding.