What to wear?

JoshMillss said:
What should I wear for my BARB test?
Late to post,But I have it tommorow.
Any ideas??

A pair of spandex leggings over leather arseless chaps, an orange tank top, a pair of 'comedy clown boots' finished off with a trilby with cows udder trimming.
JoshMillss said:
Lighten up a little ;)

Having bothered to read your other posts, you do seem to be a bit of a Gerber. One hopes a bit of maturity sorts you out. Either that or you get a claw hammer to the back of the napper.
JoshMillss said:
I'm not sure on what to wear,Otherwise I wouldn't of posted.

I'll do you a favour. Its a quick lesson on what to expect should you ever get through all of the selection process and actually become a member of the Armed Forces.

I shall try and elicit. If you ask a question, you will be expected to at least try and answer it yourself using that muscle that holds your hat in place. Its called trying to use logical reasoning to come up with a solution. Something that is sorely missing from the education system today.

So, I'll ask again. What do you think you should wear?


Me personally, if i was attending an assessment for a potential future employer, i'd just throw on a tracksuit and a hoody, with as much bling as possible.

Is this good?

Or, should I try and make a good impression, by dressing smart (trousers / shirt+collar, etc)?

It's you applying for the job, not me. Have a think about it.

Are you applying for the AAC?
I don't tend to wear bling,trackies etc
I'm more of a casual sorta guy..
And no I'm joining (wait for it) the paras.

So your basically saying :
Would of been easier first time round,Instead of the witty institutionalized answers.

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