What to wear?????

Discussion in 'Officers' started by JonnyCash, Jul 22, 2009.

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  1. Can anyone please tell me how my guard of honour should be dressed at my wedding? I heard they wear leather cross belt/Sam Brown, brown leather gloves and scabbard with No 1 Dress whilst I wear gold/ nickel equivalent. Is this correct?
    Help and advice on this would be much appreciated.
  2. You might elicit a better response if you said which Regt/Corps you are (and your GoH)
  3. Traditionally you and the best man (if serving, of course!) should be in No1 Dress Ceremonial (sash, slung word, scrambled egg and white collar and gloves) and the Sword guard should be in No1 Dress Patrols (brown leather gloves, Sam Brown or equivalent etc.

    If your Sword guard are made up from different capbadges or even Services you'll find you'll end up having to go with the flow..... therefore don't ask any Donkey Wallopers or Jocks to join in - it's a bit like ensuring the bridesmaids are uglier than the bride!

    On the subject of Jocks at weddings - why oh why is there always one at every wedding? And why does he always turn up incorrectly dressed in Evening Dress - a cheap and nasty hired Evening Dress at that?
  4. Thanks, I'm Artillery and my GoH come from a variety of regiments (RTR, RA, Sigs, RE and REME)
  5. Gunners always wear a slung sword - You go 'smart' as above with a Gold Cross belt etc. The wavers of pointy sticks should wear their own equivalent of Blues Patrols. Judging by the random selection of capbadges you mention, there's no likelihood of any of that lot out shining you!

    It's a good idea to appoint an 'IC Sword Guard' beforehand and make sure he rifts them round the churchyard beforehand so they get their drill and timings right. Get them to leave the church at the beginning of the last hymn when everyone stands up to sing.

    BUT get him to do it quietly - there's a very amusing video of a chum of mine's wedding when at the end all you can hear is me bawling out a scruffy member of our old 2nd Battalion who's drill was shite, as was his turnout (tw@t turned up in mess kit trousers, collar dogs on back to front etc etc) - it's an ex-Adjutant's affliction..... but the Second always prided themselves on coming second, fcuking shower.

    Also get someone to think about the photos and don't let the sword guard bomb-burst to the nearest pub chasing the totty - Boys in Blues will weaken knicker elastic at a thousand yards at a wedding.

    PS Have a nice day! - When is it?
  6. Thanks very much. Wedding's in a month.
  7. You are right, it always looks rubbish. Highland day wear looks far smarter but rarely worn. You might differentiate between jocks (ie those in jock Regts) and those Scots or with tenuous Scots connections who know nothing about their heritage which is why they turn up in the Moss Bros Bonnie Prince Charlie special.
  8. I've always been told that officers should marry in morning dress - with the reasoning that your wife is, after all, marrying you not your rank or profession and that you & your wife will be the focal point of attention anyway. Thereby allowing the guard of honour to use their medals and bling to cut loose with some serious swordplay.

    But, whatever suits you best. It is your day ( or probably, more the Bride's ) so do whatever you like. Hope its a storming one.

    On a side-note, while of course its the Bride's perogative to have as much fairy-tale glitter as she likes, I do find it strange when non-serving officers have guards of honour ( you're out! give it up! ), or TA types do the full ceremonial thing but perhaps I'm being a prig.

  9. Why would you want to lower the tone by having the People's Cavalry in your GoH (BFG)
  10. Sorry, but if you are a Dropshort there is no way a Sapper would ever be in your GoH - that would be in clear violation of Corps Directives. Such a trangression would require written authority from HM The Queen. :roll:

    Nonetheless, have a great day.

    PS Have you told your future wife that you are in Artillery ????
  11. We used to reckon that subalterns could marry in Blues and Captains and above should marry in Morning dress. The latter should have a guard of honour of Sergeant Majors.

    I'm totally 'with you' on the subject of the TA marrying in uniform - just simply shouldn't be done. It's almost the equivalent of a 'real officer' turning up to his wedding in a Bob the Builder costume. It grips my shit too when I see them announcing their nuptials in the Torygraph as 'Captain So and so'. Grrrrrr.
  12. I believe that perceived wisdom used to be that subalterns shouldn't get married at all. The theory being they they should have been far too busy dealing with the training and welfare of their soldiers to cope with the additional burden of a wife. Captain was the minimum rank deemed eligible for married 'bliss'. :(

    Totally agree with the point about TA marrying in uniform, although not sure what you have against Bob the Builder outfits?
  13. Please do forgive me if you married in a Bob the Builder costume - a worthy order of dress for a builder: I only chose Bob's rig as an example of civilian attire...... Thinks: Do firemen/policemen/traffic wardens get married in uniform?

    I bow to your wisdom on the subject of Subalterns marrying - I once said I wouldn't marry until I was a Captain but under the circumstances, couldn't wait! And NO, she wasn't pregnant - it was a love thing...)

    My parents were given permission to marry at 23 by his rather liberal thinking CO at the time. After the wedding he was posted and the new CO refused them an MSQ as they were under 25 and refused to acknowledge my Mother! Can you imagine that these days - and that was only in the early '60s!
  14. Whats a guard of honour?
    Whats a uniform?
    What does smart mean? :twisted:
  15. Tweed and plain sporrans for the wedding and then change to dinner jacket and dress sporrans for the evening. As you say they might not tell you that at a hire shop.