What to wear when travelling to selection?

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by eggchaser, Sep 13, 2009.

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  1. I'm travelling up to Glencorse tommorow and I'm stuck for what to wear on the way up there on the train, I've been given a briefing that says I should travel up in a tracksuit but I've also been given a DVD that says you should dress smart and make an effort. They both conflict each other and was wondering what you wore when you went for selection? or if it really matters at all?
  2. Purple Speedos, yellow Wellington boots and a red cravat is the usual form.
  3. Helpful... Thanks :roll:
  4. Tracksuit Tracksuit Tracksuit.

    Turning up in a suit is fine, but you really do need it in prisitine condition for the interview on the second day. So no point in ruining it with a 4-5hour trip to Scotland. And then having to change out of it the very first second you arrive.
  5. You can never go wrong turning up smart and smelling nice (first impressions). You can always take a tie off if your too over dressed, but you cant put it on if you need one and you havent got one.

    If you turn up looking like some chav, it will be in big red letters on your application form...CHAV...NO THANKS

    Bring your kit with you in a civvie day sack..its a no brainer
  6. emptyeye's advice is good. Legs - you is just sooooo bitter and twisted!

    Oh, and have a shave.
  7. If you have to ask this question, I question if your the right material for the forces for christ sake use your own brain.
  8. I am using my own brain and I'm utilising all the options open to me arrse just happens to be one of those options, Before the end of today I'll review all the feedback I've been given and make an informed decision..
    Doesn't sound so brainless now does it? :x
  9. I would suggest chest rig, combat highs and as many knives and bits of army surplus as you can fit onto you body. Also carry a map and compass (tied on with para cord). It's always good to show you are keen. :D

    Seriously - Although a suit/jacket looks smart I have seen too many NCOs doubling recruits around from H Hour - so best be prepared, Smart but breathable, and your kit in something you can stick on your back in case a lot of initial running and shouting is the order of the day. Good luck.
  10. Exactly, why re-invebt the wheel when you have the old and bold's experience to draw upon. Keep asking those questions - I bet everyone else did.