What to wear to an Army Function????HELP

Hi everyone,

I need some help... my boyfriend is in the Army and I have been invited to a function with him........but I haven't got a clue what us girfirends are supposed to wear?

How formal is it? and are people really catty about whatever you wear?

Help please.

DEpends what type of function it is and what the rank of your boyfriend is. You need to ask him what the dress code is as there are many types including a fancy dress, ladies dinner night etc. If it is formal then a nice dress below the knee will do fine.
very much depends on occasion and boyfriends rank. He should be able to tell you what the appropriate dress code is for the evening in question. Most formal do's are black tie equivalent for the females, this means a long dress and if you are dining then you would normally be expected to have your shoulders covered.

Enjoy yourself and have fun!
Viking helmets. The bigger the horns the better.
You might be able to make a bikini top out of two halves of coconut shell and parcel string. I would advise a grass skirt rather than any form of bikini bottoms owing to you probably having a fanny like a badly packed kebab.

The simple answer is, if you have to ask, you shouldn't be there.
Never go backless,strapless or braless and you will not go far wrong,
go in a stupid jacket that stops at your waist .. some ron hill look a like trousers, some polished wellies and a ridiculous bow tie ... sorry you'd look a right c unt .... er ... hold on.
shortfuse said:
go in a stupid jacket that stops at your waist .. some ron hill look a like trousers, some polished wellies and a ridiculous bow tie ... sorry you'd look a right c unt .... er ... hold on.
And make sure the trousers are skintight so no matter what size you are your arse will look absoluetly fcukin huge in them.And also ensure some cnut tips red wine over you the first time you wear it.
Biscuits_AB said:
Nah......a Pirates outfit, with a false beard.
Rumour has it that redangel25 has a moustache that wouldn't be out of place in Hereford. :D
Good girl Mrs Cheeks I like your attitude wear what the fick you want fick rank my wife did exactly the same and the other wives faces a right sight whisper whisper fick off the lot o ye! Mind you she was marched into the RSM office check out the thread wives above themselves.

yeah saw that one mate :lol:

Been marched into the Padre's office before now along with DH who was the one summoned ... to explain why I would not let sticky-beaks from the Hive use and abuse personal messages on our website, nor would I let them become members of my website, who the hell did we think we were with our data prtection and privacy regulations on our website and, just for good measure, why did I write to the Chief of Air Staff?

My reply to the last being ... because that's what I do!!! DH didnt know where to look, he was trying so hard not to laugh in the blokes face :D

A few months later I was sacked from being a road-rep cos I "wasnt community spirited" enough!! pmsl

I will NOT take any shit from anyone in the Armed Forces regards my company, my dress-sense or my conduct. I dont answer to anyone thank you very much, I out rank you all - I am a WIFE and dont you forget it :twisted:

I am of course a very very nice person who - for the first 5yrs of married life didnt say boo to a goose and took all the crap that military life threw at me without complain. Then I got a life :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

Vik x

Could I suggest a simple little black number ... and for you something similar?
Low cut top
Short skirt
No panties

I can promise you'll be a big hit with the lads as long as you've got a half decent figure and a decent boatrace :wink:

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