what to wear on arrival.

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by odyssey88, Aug 15, 2007.

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  1. ok, i start at catterick at the end of the month, got everything sorted out.

    But, what should i wear on my way there? suit? nice shirt? casual?
  2. mysteron

    mysteron LE Book Reviewer

    Might I suggest that a clown suit would be appropriate..... ;)

    Seriously though - just turn up in normal civvies (Jeans with shirt or Jumper - nothing too officer, just not chav), make sure that they are in good repair and have been threatened with an iron. You'll be OK - good luck.
  3. Stick with casual, a suit might attract urine-extraction from your new mates.
  4. Wear what you normally wear for a sunday lunch time drink. If yuo're a suit type of bloke wear a suit , if not you never go far wrong with a tidy pair of slacks and a decent shirt.
  5. Seconded craftmanx.
  6. Nah you want to make an impresion if a bloke go in a mini skirt suit complete with seemed stockings if a fem wear a full body tuby-grip
  7. is this ok lads?. suit trousers. casual shoes. shirt with v neck jumper?? and tie perhapse
  8. That will do nicely.
  9. School uniform?
  10. dont wear 1, ripped jeans 2, trainers 3, tracky top 4, any thing you would wear with your chav mates on a street corner. make sure its all clean. Read your JIs as it will state in there smart civies, every intake lads come in shit clothes then i make them get changed there and then as there smart stuff is in there bag. First impressions count alot!!!!!!!! get your hair cut as well
  11. On a serious note you dont need to go in a suit but jeans and a polo shirt with shoes is definitely acceptable.
  12. yea forget the suits its not a interview nor do ya work at the stock exchange.....anything not to chaving will be good enough!! gd luck with ya training anyways
  13. hehe , thanks alot guys. had the number 2 all over. woooh what a change.

    also how many days do you need 2 ware smart for? isit just the first initial few days. and when you go on the battlefield tour?
  14. Battlefield tour on week 4 ive been told, A friend of mine got tracksuits the day they arrived and had to change into them from their smarts