what to take

Just over a week to go untill I start my phase 1 at Pirbright and was just wondering if there is any last minute things u wud advise to get that will come in handy. Any other advice on what to take and what not to would be good.

I'd take minimal civvie clothes, you won't have a lot of space for anything that isn't green and G10. Stick to the packing list with your joining instructions and you can't go wrong.

Spend about a tenner on a watch, and then a tenner more on a spare- you will have strict timings to adhere to during training, best not get caught short! Argos do a Casio for 7.99, that will be a good spare I'd say.

Leave the PSP at home, you wont have time to play on it in your first 7 weeks at least, and you really don't want to run the risk of getting it nicked do you?

Good luck with training bud.
Some black electrical tape for repairs is always useful, plus some blister plasters. The most important thing though, is never ever stand out from the crowd; the famous phrase "keep your eyes open, your mouth shut and never volunteer for anything" comes to mind here.
Ha cheers pal I'll take that on board. Ive chosen light gun as my 1st choice and as90 2nd will it be easy enough to switch these 2 during phase 1 ? Cheers

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