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What to take - TELIC 2


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Now that a load of us have been called for TELIC 2, any advice as to what to take, from those just back?  I know this as raised before the op, based on GW1 recollections, but what do those who have just come back say?

Do I need to buy a softee sleping bag?  Does the bug repellent work - or are there any mossies 'round Basra?

Any help, please?

Unfortunately in answer to your question, yes there are mossies around Basrah, and you'll be going into the malaria high-season.  You should however be issued mossie nets etc.  The repellent does work but it still melts plastic!

As for sleeping bag, I don't think any of the boys have been using them for the past couple of months.  It is fully redders out there and due to get hotter.  Average night time temp is about 30C.  Nice.  That said, you should also be issued with a light-weight sleeping bag on arival.  There are ceraticly hundreds of them intheatre (if the weasels in the rear haven't stolen them as happened to us).  That said, may be prudent to acquire softie 3 (max).

Some decent sun-protection would be good too.  If you have fair skin (guar?) you'll need some factor 1million.  

A camel back is also a safe bet as are some decent sunglasses which'll give you proper protection as opposed to looking cool (that's if you don't fancy the issue 70s porn specs).

Wet-wipes will never go amiss either.

Hope that's of use.  Enjoy your time!
Although you get, or should get a solar shower, I bought a large one from a camping store that held enough for four people. the issue ones barely hold enough for one.  
I came back just after the war finished so what was in short supply then may have been sorted, however don't hold your breath.  Blueys were in short supply, and of course try to get hold of dessies and boots before you leave.  I fell for the old one of "you will get it in theatre".  It is also advisable to take thin socks to wear with your boots to try and keep a little bit cooler.  also a strap instead of a belt seemed to be the in thing as you then sweat less at your waist. Camelbacs are supposed to be issued - but then again....,  

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