What to send to a mate on ops?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by JayCam, Dec 4, 2007.

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  1. My mate is out on tellic 11 and a bunch of us back home thought we would send him some stuff to keep him amused in sandy places.

    For those of you who have been out in the sandpit.. what would you have wanted?
  2. Send him some gay porn in a cellophane bag with the senders name as Big Julian, It might not keep his morale up but all his mates will have laugh when the mail is dished out on parade.
  3. And the locals can't exactly say they are offended.

    Women are for babies, Men are for fun!

  4. A blow up doll with all holes glued shut.
  5. Empty shampoo bottles filled with booze and Jaffa cakes in a seperate packet and not mushed up in the bottle with the cheap booze!
  6. How do you get jaffa cakes in a shampoo bottle? :D
  7. A recipe of how to make the expats jungle juice...SID. Yep! It's alcoholic!
  8. Bugger well spotted!
  9. Haribo and Jazz mags.

    Oh, and a goldfish. Remember to put it in a waterproof jiffy bag, or the bugger will die. (Not that I have tried this, a "mate" told me about it.
  10. A single sock, a dead AA battery, a Philips screw driver, a packet of flower seeds, a tin of peas and a copy of Jackie.
  11. That sound exactly like the RBL xmas 'moral' box I received on Granby.
    It contained a beer voucher for an off licence chain I've never hear of. A sweatband (WTF!!). A cheap plastic torch (no batteries) and various other junk. It was like someone had opened half a dozen Aldi Christmas crackers into a box, removed the jokes and posted it!
  12. Porn.

    Disguised alcohol.




    Disguised alcohol.

    And........................................... More lovely,

    Porn. :D

    I think you get the idea.............Maybe a wee drop of haribo, to keep the strength up!
  13. I had a mate serving on Telic who was really, really looking forward to seeing the last Matrix film when he finished the tour.

    So, to save him the bother, I sent him a Bluey that said:

    Zion is saved, Trinity & Neo die.

    Have a good tour mate,


    :D :D :D

    ALthough he always told me he never got it, until his leaving do :D
  14. That is a cunts trick, Sir.

    Yet very funny!! :D
  15. Bogus passport with a false name and a one-way airline ticket to Bangkok.