What to present my unit on leaving?


Hi everyone

I am leaving the Army Reserve at the end of this training year to join the Regular Army. During my time I have been a member of both the Junior Ranks and Officer's Mess. As such on my leaving I would like to make a presentation to each of these 'messes'. I already know what I want to present to the Officer's Mess but can't think what to present to the Junior Ranks to put in their bar. Wondering if anyone could come up with some suggestions, hopefully serious ones, although as this is ARRSE I am ofcourse expecting a flurry of not so serious ideas too!

F uck all.
Why bother, I am with eodmatt on this. The days of snuff mills, silver goblets and backgammon boards have gone. Its highly lightly your generous contribution will become part of a mess clear out or at best auction a few years down the track.
A photo of yourself showing your illustrious career.
Lidl do good photo frame that is of high quality & will impress your unit.


There was a thread about this the other week but, the same as the OP, I can't be bothered looking for it.


RP578, that was what I was erring towards to be honest!


I did actually have a search but didn't find that
curl one down in a small fishtank and leave a passport-sized photo of yourself jutting out of the log at a jaunty angle
A flaming bag of dog poo on the doorstep of the Junior Ranks Mess if you didn't like your mess mates is the usual form. (At least it was when I was in ;-) ) A generous donation to the mess fund would be appropriate if you did get on with the mess members as RP578 suggests. Money is always welcome. :-D:-D
Don't bother, it's a waste of time, effort and money.

Try this test. Fill a bucket with water. Plunge your hand into the bucket as far as it will go. Touch the bottom of the bucket. Now withdraw your hand from the bucket. See the hole you've left behind in the water? That's how much you will be remembered in six months time.

Drift by the mess / OR's bar / whatever, when it's full and buy the lads a drink. Avoid being dragged into drinking whatever the lads call it (in the RE it's called an Engineer and it consists of a double of everything behind the bar, topped up with beer, crisps, puke, snot and piss and dog ends) in that unit.

Then apart from any special mates or bum chums that you have made, put the lot of them into a bin named "Memory, to be opened when you are an old fart".

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