What to look for when buying a flat screen TV

With a shoulder operation coming up and needing to plan for single-handed living in my bachelor flat I have today bought my first-ever microwave to heat up meals I am currently freezing. This may not seem pertinent to the thread, but bear with me.

Never having bought a television (I decided against having a landline and thus no router either) it’s always interesting to dip into TV and related discussions. The (presumably Sky and other) cables I cut off at the wall as my predecessors had them vulgarly routed round the sitting room.

So the visual effect of having things turning and changing shape is going to be a modern dimension to the life of this c/s. I have in mind playing the news on R4 and choosing something to put in the new bit of kit to suits the item. Perhaps curry as a kinaesthetic addition to a story about the subcontinent, or if it’s about Libya adding a teaspoon to get some sparks. Any thoughts, chaps?

On reflection, it’s not really flat screen and cost less than 60 nicker so perhaps I should dedicate myself to the Mornington Crescent thread and not this one.

If your going to live in the stone age why bother with a microwave just kill it and cook it on an open fire, You are aware it's 2019 and you can get help ?

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