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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Birdy, Mar 7, 2005.

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  1. Thought would ask some simple questions but one's I could do with answers for.Btw I'm lookin to a Infantry TA unit.
    When you turn up to your unit on whatever night,do you leave home in your kit I just thinking of ironing purposes lol.Is there PT or is that all done at home!?!and is anyone in the Nottingham area in an infantry unit who wants to pm me so can find out some more about the local unit because all I get off the TA is stuff about joining RLC :x
    I still thinking of a way to tell my boss and try and swindle it seeing as I work nights.
  2. Nottinghams inf is the Para's, all the WFR coys in the area disbanded a few years back (and all the inf went to signals/engineers). If your in the east of Notts probably Artillery is the best option.

    As for kit you can get changed when you get there and its advisable to do PT in your own time.
  3. :eek: What!!!! Thought there was Infantry in Mansfield!?
    To be honest all I want to do is Infantry had a choice of joining RLC,RE when was being discharged from Regs but not for me thanks!
    Para's!Jesus would mean had to get fit as fudge! 8O
  4. Have a look here :D - http://www.ta.mod.uk/unit_locations_5.html

    Combat (RAC)
    Cavendish Drive,
    Nottingham NG4 3DX

    Tel: 0115 961 8722

    Combat (Artillery)
    307 Battery
    Hucknall Lane,
    Nottingham NG6 8AQ
    Tel: 0115 927 2251

    Wigman Road, Bilborough,
    Nottingham NG8 3HY

    Tel: 0115 929 3924

    Foresters House,
    Nottingham NG9 5HA

    Tel: 0115 946 5436

    TA Medical Services/
    IT Comms
    Triumph Road,
    Nottingham NG7 2GG

    TA Medical Services
    Tel: 0115 978 9632

    IT Comms
    87 Signals Squadron
    more info>>
    Tel: 0115 978 9024

    TA Medical Services/
    Nottingham NG9 2HF

    TA Medical Services
    Tel: 0115 943 6309

    Tel: 0115 968 3820
  5. :? Thanks lads my wanting to join TA just been crushed in a matter of mins! :eek: I haven't transport to travel to join any Infantry outside of Notts really! :roll:
  6. Of course - a WFR coy, with a detachment in Derby.

    The main units in the area are 38 Signal Regiment (sqns in Derby, Nottingham, Leicester and Sheffield) and 73 Engineer Regiment (Nottingham, Chesterfield, Sheffield, Bradford). If your thinking about a long TA career these'd be better for promotion/variety rather than being in a outstation waiting for someone to die/leave to get promoted. :?
  7. Don't give up on Infantry type stuff..there may be another option

    If you want a challenge, 307 Battery will have FOO teams that will work closely with Infantry. Its comms, gunnery and infantry skills all as one.. very challenging and very enjoyable.

    I am not sure that there is not a Para option for 307 as well now?? not 100%.. but worth a look..

    Some fine soldiers I remember..I was with 266 in Bristol, they were a sister unit to us.

    Its just a thought..
  8. Well to be honest with you if it's not Infantry I dont want to do it.
    I will and try and find out more about Infantry in my area when I've got chance because I always working :roll:
  9. Infantry is the place to be mate, thats if you like staying up all night, sleepless weekends, doing stag at 3 in the morning in the snow in Brecon, Tabbing for miles and countless fire and manouver excersises until you drop, then welcome...

    But every job in the Army has the same importance, nobody is better than somebody because one plays with trucks and one is out in the front line, you ARE ALL trained soldiers and Loggies and clerks still have the same skills as a Infantryman, excecpt the infantry, it's job is to fight.

    I guarantee if you pass and get in, you will be sitting in a ditch somewhere in some cold foriegn country freezing your tits off going "why didn't I join the Logistics" :lol:

    All good fun mate...good luck... :wink:
  10. Why are you so turned on by infantry anyway?

    Go armour & play with big guns. I would say RA but it's probably AD.

  11. both

    Some people don't turn up for PT nights , I assume they do it all at home

  12. The lazy bastards don't turn up for PT nights is what you mean..

    Laugh my head off on CFT's and section attacks were those lads are at the back breathin out their backside.. :lol:
  13. No the South Notts Hussars are proper arty. Nothing wrong with being inf - its far more fun than owt else, would have stayed there myself if I wasn't gonna get busted cause I hadn't done Junior Brecon (and thats coming from a CIS geek).
  14. 307

    307 War Hero

    Right, luckily for you, you have a 307 bod right here! I was exactly the same as you mate, rearing for infantry, finding it was mansfield and not being able to get their anywhere near easily. So I thought, oh well I'll have a pop at the RA see what it's like....no regrets! 307 is a light gun bty. in a light gun regiment. Light guns being highly portable and of a failry short range, are right up in the sh*t! Like has already been said, the OP teams work right up with the infantry, and sometimes ahead of them. This is a very specialised trade as basically, you have usually 4 bods per team sitting under a basha, exposed, lightly armed, i'm talking sa80s, LSWs and a LAW maybe. Staring the enemy in the face. You have all the tabbing and more gucci kit than you can shake a stick at e.g. thermal imagers etc. etc. The regiment, and particularily our battery does a lot of infantry work also, e.g. 2 week inf. ex. in Cyprus coming up in 3 weeks, helis, rigid raiders....the lot. GPMGs, LSWs, grenades, bit of PE4 probs, name it. Also, we have just changed, the regiment now supports all regular light gun btys, whciha re 40 reg, 29 commando, and 7 para RHA, so you can get you cherry beret and dettol badge! 307 bty is all go at the minute and the lads their are awesome. Join and I guarantee you'll enjoy it. Don't join the armoured corps as my experience with them in the TA is not good, fat, jack bastards who can't soldier for shit...it's a good job chally 2 has all that Chobham on!
  15. No infantry in Nottingham!!!

    That's just wrong. I'd look into 307 if I were you but it's your choice and you have the choice of other arms. Can you not blag a lift/get a train or something to Mansfield? Transport is all paid for and it appears to be the nearest TAC for your chosen arm. Think about giving 4 para (recruit nationally) a go. You might surprise yourself.