what to join??

hi fellas..i am currentley waiting on a date for adsc, and the more i look into job choices the more they change!
have started thinking about life outside the army whenever i choose to leave, and from what iv read infantry etc is'nt going to leave me with to many job prospects!
so now iv moved my attention to reme, just looking for peoples opinions on what to join since theres so much to take in!!
thanks in advance!
Become a REME Recovery Mechanic. tons of job satifaction, no 2 jobs the same, you get out and about when in camp and on tour. Plus everybody wants to be one when somethings stuck in the shoite.

Top tip, take a trip down to your local ACIO and have a chat with the nice man behind the desk, don't be swayed into joining something you don't want to, if you see a trade you fancy doing for the next 20 odd years then stick to your guns.

You'll probably get lots of posts after this offering good advice but imho your better off with a visit to the recruiting office 1st then you can make an informed decision on whats right for you.
One of the best things to do if you're looking into joining the REME is to find your nearest Army barracks and see if you can have a 'Look at life' type placement for a couple of days with the workshop. I've seen this happen a couple of times and it really opens peoples' eyes as to the variety and different opinions of trades within the corps. Looking at pictures and a couple of given examples in the ACIO is not great in my opinion and obviously anyone who is a certain trade will usually say that theirs is the best.

If you have GCSEs of C or above in Maths, English, and Science then you are able to apply to all trades within the REME. If you do not have these grades then it limits your choices, I'm sure someone will be able to help and update you on their specific trade criteria.
REME or sigs mate. Lots of trades there, plenty to set you up in Civ_div later. If you do get a chance to visit a REME workshop don't be put off by the high proportion of Goppagorendapigs. Some of them scrub up nice, and face it when your on ops who gives a fukc, you just need a warm fnany to slide inside.
Hope this helps
Men_Only :lol:
Becoming a reccy mech will not set you up for life in civvy street, however it is likely to give you job satisfaction, same as plenty of other trades in REME.

Go and get the best trade you can for your quals and tests in the careers office. If you aim lower, you may end up thinking "what if". If you fail at the higher academic trades, you can always re-trade downwards until you find one you can pass at.

Anything with electronics will set you up in civvy street, or go for a trade that gives you a full uni degree on completion of your Tiffy course, like avionics tech.
Take your time choosing - don't get drawn in by any promises that seem too good to be true.

If you're up for laugh and don't mind some hard work (and plenty of mud!) have a look at reccy mech - some of the best characters in the Army!

So you're thinking of life outside the army already? There will be plenty of qualifications to be gleaned out of the army in AND out of the trade you choose. You'll be amazed at the amount of niff naff and trivia in everyday work that will get you a qualification/part of a qualification. Don't be put off a good job in the Army as there isn't much call for it in civ div.

Good luck

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