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Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by Dange_mouse, May 2, 2007.

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  1. Hey, im in the process off joining the army but stil dont know what to join. Any ideas?
    Plus i have another Q. If you want to join a trade but dont have the right qualifications but close can u still go for that trade????? Please help..... Want front line but a trade?? If you know what i mean. My recruiter is crap and wants me to do infantry.
  2. This all depends on what your score was You cant come on here and say your recruiter is c**p and not give us any details of what you want to do in your own mind, He should have given you a list of jobs you qualify for
    As for trades if your score isnt high enough then most of the trades wont take you.
    You say you want front line duties but still dont tell us what interests you?
  3. For start calling your recruiter "Crap" is already showing a bad fcuking attitude are you sure you really want to join at all? If you are academically challenged then perhaps you need to think about either lowering your sights or perhaps going to college and retake yout GCSE's. On the other hand the Pioneers (RLC) may give you an opportunity to gain some artisan trade,
  4. My recruiter was the other way round, trying to talk me into working in logistics
  5. So what do Infantry im going into 3 Para Infantry, but belive me they will not tolerate people with attitudes they will just make everything harder on you and your mates so be warned.
  6. sorry if i offended anyone. What i mean by"crap" was that all he wants me to do is infantry. He hasn't even gave me a list of wat jobs i can do. Im interested in maybe enginering. i got 4 'c' but a 'd' in english. so just short of most trades, thats what i was asking. I do realy want to join and i dont have a bad attitude i am just annoyed with my recruiter with the lack of information he gives. Sorry again if i have offended!!
    Please help.......
  7. Calling your Recruiter crap just shows no respect to me. I popped in there for first time about 2 weeks without booking a interview just turned up and he gave me the info i wanted to know and booked a interview which i had today. And to be honest if your being lazy and not reading the website/job guides which you get in the post your not exactly helping him/her.

    I went on the website before i even thought of going in. To give me a idea of what i might want to do i wanted to join the Royal Engineers but being a thick twat and having pretty bad GCSEs i couldn't. He put me on the BARB test i only got 56 i think it was, and he talked me through the jobs i could do and then i picked the jobs i was interested in RLC Pioneers, Royal Artillery Light Gun and Royal Artillery gunner special observer (The last one looks very hard to me but all i can do is push myself)

    If you don't want to be Infantry just ask what else you can do. Or just put Infantry as you third choice.
  8. The truth is some recruiters ARE crap and are playing the numbers game but most genuinely want you in the right job as it is just counter productive to employ someone who is unsuitable for the type of service concerned.

    My advice is to go Para Regt as this will expose the recruiter who will try to dissuade you from this excellent path into his own regiment.

    If he supports you, then he's legit and follow his advice like your life depends on it. (One day it might)
  9. Honestly i haven't got any attitude problems. I did a week work experience in the army and was fine so no bad attitude. i did my BARB test got 58 gave me my medical forms then said goodbye. Thats why i called him crap. So can any one help me without saying i got a bad attitude. Is it pick on me day....... lol
  10. 58 is a very good score Mouse. What should happen is that a list of potential jobs will be produced for you and you will be interviewed regarding your suitability.

    If you are determined to go for a trade consider the Engineers, they're a good bunch and have a wide variety of jobs, also you can volunteer for P Coy if you want to go Airborne.

    Medic will get you front line if you get a company medic post but you'll be on the lowest pay band but again you can go airborne and the para pay will make up the deficit.

    Ultimately your qualifications are the limiting factor here. You need to think long and hard about what you want from the army.
  11. Hey thanks CAD and all the others who gave me some good advice. Thats why i came on here so i could get some advice to help me decide dont want to pick a job then hate it months after.
  12. To be honest dange mouse my recruiter bigged up the infantry he served in the infantry and i just said maybe he put a line against it and then i just went through the maybes and didn't pick it not to annoy him or anything i just feel the infantry wasn't for me.

    Just say to your recruiter you don't want to do infantry he cant do anything about it. Hes there to help you get in and into something your want to do.